Best wishes throughout the coming year!

I have hold many memories when I think back this year.

Disaster of the earthquake,
Separately from my peer,
Meet new some artists,
My 10th anniversary and its attendant activities.....and so on.

All of memories are important to me, at least.
I'm feed from them to my activities and works.

Thank you for meeting me, and choosing my music.
All I want to express what is in my heart with my own values as long as I can.

Wish everyone good luck for the coming year!


Handmade MV up!


Today is the date of release of "Rose and Pearl"
That's how we update on youtube a handmade MV about "Like a Rose"

"Like a Rose" is a song that forcuses on the reason why I chooses to sing.
So I wish, you can feel someone by this song, singing, sound and not my Japanese lyric.



Dear.Oversea's fans

You knew that I'm kepping my real birthday private.

So my fans give me the artifical birthday.
I made my major debut ten years ago to a day.
So that, 7th Nov. is my official birthday.

Then I thought, I wanted to give someone to my fans as a little my anniversarry gift.

I signed up twitter.

But I like write long sentences rather than tweet.
So that, my top priority of diary is this blog.
I'll tweet my curent fact(live & release info. etc.), my nuts interrogations, and so on.
I'll try tweet in English, some times. I promise.

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