Freezing cold!!

It was freezing cold yesterday.

Yesterday is the last workday of this year.
I went to the roof of a building.
It was tooooooooooooo cold.

What do you think about the work?

It's a gas!

It'll be fun for you.

Wait and see.


Mourn over an woman's death…

Last night, I heard about the news of Ms.Ai Iijima's death from a friend. 

Of course, I've never met her.
Only I've heard about her personality from a few staff.

I like her.
'Cos I wished that she could be happy.
What a sad news is this……

What a sad Christmas Eve……



Actually I started editing-operation about recorded dates (sound) of my GIGS at 20th Nov.
(You know that the day's before R.T.Z.)

So that I've been in a mood like a holding GIGS for a month. (lol)

We'll finish the operation tonight.

And we'll go to the next.


・Drawing several package design

・Checking of sound effects editing

・Checking of off-line-reflections

・Attending and Checking at Final editing

・Attending at authoring studio………

I'm soooooo busy!!!!!!! (lol)

I hope to go to a hot spring after all of the work.



I got JINGER ALE BASE as a present from a friend before my last GIG.
So that, I'd drunk it with some hot water everyday until the GIG.

She taught me how to make it after that day.

At first, some chopped ginger are permeated into some honey. And you have to leave it for an hour.
The next, some squeezed lemon juice into the honey ginger.
You can drink it with some water or hot water.

Please try it!
It's sooooooo delicious!
If you drink it, you'll be less likely to catch a cold, maybe.



Do you know RINDEN HONEY?
The translated name is BODAIJYU HACHI-MITSU.

I knew that about 6 yeas ago.
There was a HONEY SHOP in my ex-neighborhood. And I saw the HONEY when I went to the shop at the first.

Day after tomorrow, me and playboys and my staffs will hold my last GIG.
And the after(maybe next month),we will hold a farewell party and a year-end-party at the same time.

I want to give something to my all staffs for our memorial at the party.
Do you think that RINDEN HONEY is suitable for the presents, don't you?

But, there is a point at issue…….

Actually,I don't like RINDEN HONEY so much…….
The taste is peculiar to me.

I wonder…….



I made THE MASTER of my mini-album at a mastering studio yesterday.
I contained 8 songs in the album.

These songs were reminded me a lot of memories.
My heart was filled with them.

For example…,I remembered that I write one of them by a MELODICA(PIANICA).
And I hit upon the melody of an another one in a cab. lol 

I thought below in my heart when I composed it in a cab, 
"Mr. cab driver… I'm sorry but…please never talk to me now. Please be quiet for me. Shut up, please!!!" lol

There are several memories about all my songs.
'Cos I feel about them that they are like my children. 
Maybe I've kept my eyes on them for 8 years, just like a mother never learn to let go from my grown-up children.

Have a nice trip, my dear.
I wish you have happy days.


Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing

I've wanted to visit the Forbidden City since I was a child.
But I've attained my purpose yet.

I've thought that I had lived there in my former life. lol
(Though I'm not a type of pious person…)
'Cos I always feel a strange sensation when i looked some pic of the Forbidden City.
It's just like a DEJAVU.

Which do you think that there was your previous life or not?

By the way,
Do you know that there was a coffee shop of STARBUCKS in the Forbidden City? 
It pulled out of there, because of a lot reproof and citizens movements in 2007. 

That's suck…….
It's a profanity to the Forbidden City and the World Heritage, isn't it?  

Why don't we make a distinction of places CONVENIENT or TRADITIONAL?
I think it's a nonsense to confuse about them.



I love hot & spicy foods.

I mean…maybe I'm a spice-holic.
'Cos I can't resist to eat them.

I ate white wheat noodle with JJIGAE (=very very hot food)at lunch yesterday, 
I ate rice noodle with Tom Yam Kung at lunch today, 
And now, I'm eating spicy chips seasoned HABANERO CHILI.

I have an experience that I used up a bottle of Tabasco (350ml) in a month, and I reflected on my eating habits. 
Since that day, I've abstained to eat some spicy foods as stand as possible I could.

Do you like spicy food? 
Tell me your favor.



There're many interrupted expressions the meaning as same as "Excuse me".
Perhaps, maybe you knew this phrase "Sorry, but…".

I hope I could introduce some expressions to you that they more polite than above.

At first,
"I beg your pardon/time?"

You knew the sentence 'cos I used this one in my music lyrics.
To put it differently an another sentence like below,
"Pardon me"

This phrase is used to call to somebody when the people are doing something.
And , "Pardon me" is more polite than "Excuse me".

And then, their sentences very polite ways how to call somebody whom are busy at the time.

"Can I interrupt for a moment?" 
"May I interrupt for a moment?"
"I'm sorry to interrupt you."

But……you are allowed only to say "Hi!" ……in some cases.



Let bygones be bygones.

I'm a optimistic person.

All of memories were not happy.
All of experiences were not fine. 
Maybe I've been seen just a happy person, 
I came so far, worrying and wavering, in fact.

I've loved this maxim.
"It's not your position that makes you happy or unhappy. It's only your disposition." 

I owe the maxim that I could think that "Let bygones be bygones." anytime. 

I believe that a laughter brings good luck.
Do you think so, don't you?


Everyone can make art.

 "Everyone can make art."

How do you think about this opinion?

I think it's right, absolutely.
'Cos I've considered that every-original-handmade-things are arts.

So that I can say 
"Every letters, dishes, cloths, e-mails ,and etc. are arts."

And I think that every-arts are not high in social status, too.
Whether there are many High Society arts or not in the world is no matter to almost people to live. 

……That's what I think.
And I love art works.


I've mistaken this phrase sometimes.

I've mistaken the phrase how to say "It is difficult for me." like below…

"I'm hard to VERB."

So that I've always asked by my friend at the time.
"Oh…Are you a ROCK or a STONE?"

No………………(- -;)

It's hard to use this phrase for me correctly.


I received his…

I went to a stall of Yuzo Otsuka Project last evening.

When I arrived at the place, I called by a shop-staff.(The shop-staff is ex-assistant of Mr.Otsuka. He belongs in the team of Yuzo Otsuka Project now, and he works there yesterday.)

He said with a finger pointed at a colorful cloths.
"I found them in his warehouse a few days ago…"

They're a pair of green spotted spats…
Well…they're parts of costume that …I dressed on Mr.J.J. when I was taken my music video of『IDEA』.
You knew that they're too embarrassing spats, if you have checked the music video before.
'Cos we aimed to show the fashion of the 80's at that time.

I'm keeping your special costume in my closet.
Please call me, when you have to or want to wear it someday♡


Sense of languages

You knew that ex-Prime Minister(Mr.Fukuda)said,
at a speech of his resignation.

Can you translate the speech in English, correctly?

Many ASIAN people are easy to mistake to translate that speech in English, like below…
"I'm different from you."
It's not a mistake completely.
But it's not enough to express about his feeling.
'Cos I thought that he thought like below at his heart at that time.

"A is different from B."
This is a natural thought of the people are using English for them mother tongue .
For example…people say this sentence to cheer up for somebody like below,
"You and I are not so different"

So that, the sentence(A is different from B)doesn't include about the meaning of distinction. 

People say it in English like this,
"I'm not like you."

It's not used for only bad meaning.
'Cos people say it to humble themselves.
Do you think that is similar point either of Japanese and English, don't you? 


Are you picky?

Are you picky about food?

I think I'm not picky about it.

But…I don't like to eat any boiled and fried fruits…except for bananas.
For example,
I can't eat any apple pie, pineapples on hamburg steaks, orange sauce, waldof salad, or etc.
So that I dislike any jam, actually.
They are not comfortable to me.

But I love fruits.

I like to eat a crab in a restaurant.
But I dislike to cook it in my kitchen.
'Cos the crab shell looks like a big insect's one to me… 
(But shrimp and lobster are OK.)
Do you think so, don't you?

Can you agree with me?




Thank you for your coming my second blog!

I decided to start this blog write in English.

But…my English skills are not advanced at the pleasant.
'Cos I can't write my thought in English satisfactory.

Actually, studying English is one of my hobby.
I hope that this blog will be improved my English skills more and more.

I hope I could write secretary events in my life.

Please check and correct my awkward English. lol