Are you picky?

Are you picky about food?

I think I'm not picky about it.

But…I don't like to eat any boiled and fried fruits…except for bananas.
For example,
I can't eat any apple pie, pineapples on hamburg steaks, orange sauce, waldof salad, or etc.
So that I dislike any jam, actually.
They are not comfortable to me.

But I love fruits.

I like to eat a crab in a restaurant.
But I dislike to cook it in my kitchen.
'Cos the crab shell looks like a big insect's one to me… 
(But shrimp and lobster are OK.)
Do you think so, don't you?

Can you agree with me?



nowez03 said...

umm sometimes im picky on the food especially vegetables and some fruits and i love bananas and apples too and fresh tomato but
i dont like tomato juice Y_Y and any boiled fruits i hate them its just i dont want to eat or drink them so im picky sometimes...

oh crab not yet eaten a crab before i just saw them but my mother loves to many crab ... i dont know why..Y_Y

but lobster and shrimp its good and with some little octopus(i dont know what is callled but i think its called squid i guess, not sure though Y_Y) oh well i love too eat (^w^)


I am little not picky on food.Sometimes I finished my meal,someone asked me the meal delicious or not,I don't know how to reply,because I didn't pay attention to taste...I think eating just a kind of mission to fill the stomach.But I don't like bean,after chew it,it stick in my mouth,I hate this feeling.By the way,have Japan have lychee(荔枝)?That is my favourite fruit.

KrayonZ or NibbleZ said...

I have that same thing. I can't eat boiled fruits either. It's just gross to me.