Thank you for your coming my second blog!

I decided to start this blog write in English.

But…my English skills are not advanced at the pleasant.
'Cos I can't write my thought in English satisfactory.

Actually, studying English is one of my hobby.
I hope that this blog will be improved my English skills more and more.

I hope I could write secretary events in my life.

Please check and correct my awkward English. lol


Kaeru-sama said...

I read your latest writings and saw improvements! I like studying languages too! English is my second language and I love writing in English rather than my own language (Malay). I'm studying Japanese too.

I am a supporter of your works. One of your fans.

An advice I would give is reading! I love reading! I'd happily help! Is it really okay if I were to correct them?

KuroiBara said...

Hello Amano sama ^_^
I'm very glad to read your message
I try to find the way to contact
your Website....
but now I found your lovely blog!

You are my favourite singer
and yor are my INSPIRATION.

When I heard your voice...
it gave me the encouragement.

the meaning of your songs
are so beautiful.

Your songs teached me to understand
about people , love , life.. etc.

I'm in Asia too.
And now I'm studying Japanese.

When I'm 12 years-old...I was try to write,speak Japanese
all by my self.

my study program in the school is English-Japanese Program.

Japan is an amazing country.
I really want to go to japan...
one chance to go there is better than no chance.

Nowaday I still listen to
Fatal Frame songs....

I always listen to your songs
before sleep....sometime I listen
it untill I sleep. >__<

I hope you will see my comment...
but if you did not...Nevermind

Just I can write something in your
blog...I feel so happy.

everything you have done
that make me happy.

Specifically, your amazing voice.
I hope to see you come back to
sing again.

Love You Amano Sama.

Kimi o Aishiteru.