I received his…

I went to a stall of Yuzo Otsuka Project last evening.

When I arrived at the place, I called by a shop-staff.(The shop-staff is ex-assistant of Mr.Otsuka. He belongs in the team of Yuzo Otsuka Project now, and he works there yesterday.)

He said with a finger pointed at a colorful cloths.
"I found them in his warehouse a few days ago…"

They're a pair of green spotted spats…
Well…they're parts of costume that …I dressed on Mr.J.J. when I was taken my music video of『IDEA』.
You knew that they're too embarrassing spats, if you have checked the music video before.
'Cos we aimed to show the fashion of the 80's at that time.

I'm keeping your special costume in my closet.
Please call me, when you have to or want to wear it someday♡

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I have review the MV last night,it's really little embarrassing...
But I think 石原's look was more strange in MV~~~~~