Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing

I've wanted to visit the Forbidden City since I was a child.
But I've attained my purpose yet.

I've thought that I had lived there in my former life. lol
(Though I'm not a type of pious person…)
'Cos I always feel a strange sensation when i looked some pic of the Forbidden City.
It's just like a DEJAVU.

Which do you think that there was your previous life or not?

By the way,
Do you know that there was a coffee shop of STARBUCKS in the Forbidden City? 
It pulled out of there, because of a lot reproof and citizens movements in 2007. 

That's suck…….
It's a profanity to the Forbidden City and the World Heritage, isn't it?  

Why don't we make a distinction of places CONVENIENT or TRADITIONAL?
I think it's a nonsense to confuse about them.

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It is hard to believe,but this thought is lovely.

If you go to attain you purpose someday,remember these~~~
In Beijing some places,you will see Ragweed...Release,it's not so serious,our goverment will kill them on time.But in spring,often happen sandstrom,the view will suck~~~
And most important,don't do silly thing,look out FQ(=憤青,nationalism) or you will have bad mood~~~

That picture you drew(post on the right) ~~~So,you relly changed your hair style,I remember that day I saw that photo in "ZATSUON-SEIKATSU",我想骂你,but later,I realized that it was none of my business.
If you don't konw what this Chinese mean,just forget it.