Sense of languages

You knew that ex-Prime Minister(Mr.Fukuda)said,
at a speech of his resignation.

Can you translate the speech in English, correctly?

Many ASIAN people are easy to mistake to translate that speech in English, like below…
"I'm different from you."
It's not a mistake completely.
But it's not enough to express about his feeling.
'Cos I thought that he thought like below at his heart at that time.

"A is different from B."
This is a natural thought of the people are using English for them mother tongue .
For example…people say this sentence to cheer up for somebody like below,
"You and I are not so different"

So that, the sentence(A is different from B)doesn't include about the meaning of distinction. 

People say it in English like this,
"I'm not like you."

It's not used for only bad meaning.
'Cos people say it to humble themselves.
Do you think that is similar point either of Japanese and English, don't you? 

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