I love hot & spicy foods.

I mean…maybe I'm a spice-holic.
'Cos I can't resist to eat them.

I ate white wheat noodle with JJIGAE (=very very hot food)at lunch yesterday, 
I ate rice noodle with Tom Yam Kung at lunch today, 
And now, I'm eating spicy chips seasoned HABANERO CHILI.

I have an experience that I used up a bottle of Tabasco (350ml) in a month, and I reflected on my eating habits. 
Since that day, I've abstained to eat some spicy foods as stand as possible I could.

Do you like spicy food? 
Tell me your favor.


Anonymous said...

I love spicy food :D thou I can't eat them too much or I get sick ^^;; I drank Tabasco once>.> I like it a lot but my favorite is this one called Cholula I like to pour it on my tacos,soup, and anything else I think taste good with it.

Yvonne Lee said...

I love spicy foods too, but I can't eat too spicy, it'll makes me keep drinks cold water to chill my throat. I once tried Tabasco, but only just have a few drop, I was afraid my tears coming out. ^^

Tamara T. said...

i like some spicy foods
especially if it's Mexican

but when i was younger i liked spicy foods more

nowez03 said...

yoho i love spicy food especially when i ate spicy pizza with "chili con carne" Y_Y but i cant eat those spicy food without really big and cold water XD, but i cant eat them all by all myself X_X i can only eat them if theres a guest or friends in the house to share those food (^W^)

ヴィーンセント said...

I LOVE spicy food! I know Tokura-san lives in Shimo Kitazawa from his blog, but if you also live in Tokyo may I suggest a restaurant? It is called Havana Cafe, it is a Cuban and Mexican food bar and restaurant located down a side street next to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. Out of all the mexican food I ever had in Japan, Havana Cafe was by far the best! I would eat there every week haha. Please try and taste it for yourself. The enchiladas are especially good.

GOKU said...

ummmmmmmmm i dont like spicy food but my contry is very famouse for all kinds of spicy food.very different varaiteis.like (kabab and biryani ,murg masallam)etc.but cant actually enjoy the spicy food i am always in a hurry to finish it..>what speed you finish spicy food????????slowly or like me LIGHTING FAST>>>>>>>>>>

Foxie said...

I love spicy foods too! If I ever eat out or order home, it has to have something spicy in it!

Friend once took me to a chinese restaurant. And said that even the normal food is too spicy for him.
Then I told my friend I like very spicy food.

So my friend promised to pay my food if I ordered the most spiciest and hot food they had.
I did. And it was really hot!!
But I finished eating it. In the end tears started coming out of my eyes ^_^

It was good but maybe a bit less spices would had been better.