Do you know RINDEN HONEY?
The translated name is BODAIJYU HACHI-MITSU.

I knew that about 6 yeas ago.
There was a HONEY SHOP in my ex-neighborhood. And I saw the HONEY when I went to the shop at the first.

Day after tomorrow, me and playboys and my staffs will hold my last GIG.
And the after(maybe next month),we will hold a farewell party and a year-end-party at the same time.

I want to give something to my all staffs for our memorial at the party.
Do you think that RINDEN HONEY is suitable for the presents, don't you?

But, there is a point at issue…….

Actually,I don't like RINDEN HONEY so much…….
The taste is peculiar to me.

I wonder…….



I made THE MASTER of my mini-album at a mastering studio yesterday.
I contained 8 songs in the album.

These songs were reminded me a lot of memories.
My heart was filled with them.

For example…,I remembered that I write one of them by a MELODICA(PIANICA).
And I hit upon the melody of an another one in a cab. lol 

I thought below in my heart when I composed it in a cab, 
"Mr. cab driver… I'm sorry but…please never talk to me now. Please be quiet for me. Shut up, please!!!" lol

There are several memories about all my songs.
'Cos I feel about them that they are like my children. 
Maybe I've kept my eyes on them for 8 years, just like a mother never learn to let go from my grown-up children.

Have a nice trip, my dear.
I wish you have happy days.


Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing

I've wanted to visit the Forbidden City since I was a child.
But I've attained my purpose yet.

I've thought that I had lived there in my former life. lol
(Though I'm not a type of pious person…)
'Cos I always feel a strange sensation when i looked some pic of the Forbidden City.
It's just like a DEJAVU.

Which do you think that there was your previous life or not?

By the way,
Do you know that there was a coffee shop of STARBUCKS in the Forbidden City? 
It pulled out of there, because of a lot reproof and citizens movements in 2007. 

That's suck…….
It's a profanity to the Forbidden City and the World Heritage, isn't it?  

Why don't we make a distinction of places CONVENIENT or TRADITIONAL?
I think it's a nonsense to confuse about them.



I love hot & spicy foods.

I mean…maybe I'm a spice-holic.
'Cos I can't resist to eat them.

I ate white wheat noodle with JJIGAE (=very very hot food)at lunch yesterday, 
I ate rice noodle with Tom Yam Kung at lunch today, 
And now, I'm eating spicy chips seasoned HABANERO CHILI.

I have an experience that I used up a bottle of Tabasco (350ml) in a month, and I reflected on my eating habits. 
Since that day, I've abstained to eat some spicy foods as stand as possible I could.

Do you like spicy food? 
Tell me your favor.