I made THE MASTER of my mini-album at a mastering studio yesterday.
I contained 8 songs in the album.

These songs were reminded me a lot of memories.
My heart was filled with them.

For example…,I remembered that I write one of them by a MELODICA(PIANICA).
And I hit upon the melody of an another one in a cab. lol 

I thought below in my heart when I composed it in a cab, 
"Mr. cab driver… I'm sorry but…please never talk to me now. Please be quiet for me. Shut up, please!!!" lol

There are several memories about all my songs.
'Cos I feel about them that they are like my children. 
Maybe I've kept my eyes on them for 8 years, just like a mother never learn to let go from my grown-up children.

Have a nice trip, my dear.
I wish you have happy days.

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Well...in the mini-album,《サカナ》surprise me,it was the first time I heard such style in your music.

That story...this why I feel you different from other musician,your song write with emotion.

So,you make up you mind not to sing again.But it dosen't matter,because you didn't abandon us,you still telling funny things on BLOG.
By the way, tell you some funny thing,do you know what is '月子' in Chinese mean?It mean the first month after woman parturition,so I never call you '月子' when I talk with other Chinese fans(I only call you '天野'),it's too embarrassed.