Freezing cold!!

It was freezing cold yesterday.

Yesterday is the last workday of this year.
I went to the roof of a building.
It was tooooooooooooo cold.

What do you think about the work?

It's a gas!

It'll be fun for you.

Wait and see.


Mourn over an woman's death…

Last night, I heard about the news of Ms.Ai Iijima's death from a friend. 

Of course, I've never met her.
Only I've heard about her personality from a few staff.

I like her.
'Cos I wished that she could be happy.
What a sad news is this……

What a sad Christmas Eve……



Actually I started editing-operation about recorded dates (sound) of my GIGS at 20th Nov.
(You know that the day's before R.T.Z.)

So that I've been in a mood like a holding GIGS for a month. (lol)

We'll finish the operation tonight.

And we'll go to the next.


・Drawing several package design

・Checking of sound effects editing

・Checking of off-line-reflections

・Attending and Checking at Final editing

・Attending at authoring studio………

I'm soooooo busy!!!!!!! (lol)

I hope to go to a hot spring after all of the work.



I got JINGER ALE BASE as a present from a friend before my last GIG.
So that, I'd drunk it with some hot water everyday until the GIG.

She taught me how to make it after that day.

At first, some chopped ginger are permeated into some honey. And you have to leave it for an hour.
The next, some squeezed lemon juice into the honey ginger.
You can drink it with some water or hot water.

Please try it!
It's sooooooo delicious!
If you drink it, you'll be less likely to catch a cold, maybe.