I got JINGER ALE BASE as a present from a friend before my last GIG.
So that, I'd drunk it with some hot water everyday until the GIG.

She taught me how to make it after that day.

At first, some chopped ginger are permeated into some honey. And you have to leave it for an hour.
The next, some squeezed lemon juice into the honey ginger.
You can drink it with some water or hot water.

Please try it!
It's sooooooo delicious!
If you drink it, you'll be less likely to catch a cold, maybe.


Yvonne Lee said...

I'll definately try it! ^^

seven said...

I dislike ginger thoroughly, but it thinks that ginger is good for a body because it knows it to drink it.

I will go for a trip in search of delicious honey...