She is my Veronica.

One of my close girl-friend's going to hold a wedding celemony and banquet in October.
Her husband is my friend, too.
They already got married in June.

I met them when we were university students.
She said to me at the first time,
"Call me Veronica as my nickname."
She is a Japanese with a capital.
She has been a lil unique but I've liked the character for donkeys years.

When she and I were university students, we were often called "Sisters" by our professors and our friends.
Our looks were not similar to each other.
But our family name are the same.
And, in Japan, "Sisters" means "a combinaton", too.
We had always hooked up with each other everytime in those days.
I think it was the reason we were called "Sisters".

But, she's always behaved like a older sister for me.lol

I was very happy for heard of their marriage.

Dear my Veronica,
Wish you much love and happiness.


The Bon Festival Holidays

The Bon festival holidays start tomorrow in Japan.

The Bon festival is a kind of a religious event holding memorial services for each ancestors.

At first, we go to our ancestor's graves as holding a big paper lantern in 12th August.
Next, we pick up the ancestor's spirits into a candle fire of the lantern, and we go home as holding the lantern.
And we move the candle fire to a candle on a Buddhist alter after get home.
After we stay with each ancestor's spirits for 4 days, we send back the spirits to their graves the same way in 16th August.

A lot of Japanese don't have a specific religion.
We are not religious people hardly.
'Cos some religions are mixed in Japan.
I think Japanese have tendencies to adopt convenience and joyful parts of various religions and events.

We enjoy Christmas, Halloween, St.Valentine Day, the Star Festival, and the Bon Festival…



Today is Mr.Tokura's birthday!
He is my ex-music-producer.

He was down by a serious illness 3 years ago.
Still he have an aftereffect of a disease.
His left side body is insensible.

For example,
It's hard for him carrying something in his left hand.
He can't feel the weight of something as his left hand.

So that, he can't use any umbrella while he's walking even now.

I've bought some present for his birthday every year since I met him.
I always have worried about his birthday present every year.
'Cuz he is a person with peculiar tastes.
Well………me too.(lol)

If he could get over the aftereffect,
I will buy a special umbrella for him.

It's a my modest ……and mighty dream.


Inflammation of the cornea…

Long time no see.

I have been sooo busy, recently.
I had not enough time to study English.

About 2 weeks ago,
I went to see an oculist(an eye doctor).
'Cos I have sore eyes.

The doctor diagnosed my case as inflammation of the cornea.
And I was diagnosed that required 'bout 4 weeks to heal completely.

I checked an enlargement of my eyes when I have a medical examination.
There were plenty of scars on surface my eyes.
They looked like worn-out-windowpanes.

The doctor prescribed some eye drops to me.

You knew that a mouth, eyes, and ears link together.

So that, I have to taste the flavor of my eye drops absolutely when I drop the lotions into my eyes.
They're toooooooo bitter.

Goddamn(T T)



Do you like coffee?
How do you like your coffee?
Strong or weak?

i like strong coffee.
And i'd prefer to bitter taste than sour taste.

i have alcoholic allergy.
So that I've never drunk any alcohol drinks for 'bout 8 years.
I've drunk coffee instead of alcohol (lol)

Do you think that COFFEE is ADULTY BEVERAGE, don't you?



I like the phrase "time after time".

Maybe you have heard a song "Time After Time" written by Cindi Lauper.
I always shed tears when I listen the song.
If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time

I have a suitcase of memories, too.

I saw a woman where my accostomed cafe.
Maybe she was a dancer when she's young.
She put a lot of her pic on the table.
And she was lost in thought while she looked the pic.
She looked so sad.

I don't want to be like the woman.

I always want to walk so fast.
Like a woman was described the song "Time after Time".



They're UME (=plum) blossoms.
I'd prefer UME than SAKURA (=cherry blossoms).

I went to a park that was planted many many plum trees.
That's sooooo beautiful.

But I have a heavy hay feaver (=pollinosis) .
It's hard for me going out in this season.

I'd loved Spring.
But I dislike Spring, now…(T T)


Märchen Rock's Atelier

I started to exibit of my paint on MYSPACE.

The painting consept is "Märchen (=Fairy Tales) Rock".

If you'll regist to MYSPACE, you will be able to add me to your friends-list.
Besides, you can get my information, buy my new-goods and etc.

Please check my profile on MYSPACE!

Click here!
MySpace Japan

I'd glad to be joined together on MYSPACE!

Maybe I will not be able to answer 'bout your massages on myspace, even if you will send to me about them. 'Cuz I have not enough time to answer them. Please be forewarned.


Now, I'm prepairing…

Do you read my main-blog "ZATSUON-SEIKATSU"?

Now, I'm preparing a certain matter.
It's a challenge & my own project to step next stage.

I'll announce to you 'bout it when I finish the preparation.

A moment, please.


She sat on a quail's egg.

My business partner "A" has a daughter.
She is 4 years old.

One day, "A" came home after his job at night.
He took a delivery-service of KAMAMESHI and ate it.
KAMAMESHI is a japanese traditional food, it's really similar with spanish paella.
Suddenly, she picked up a quail's egg from the pod to her room.

He wondered,
What are you going to do by an egg??
So he followed her silently.

She tried to hatch out the egg by handmade incubator.
She put the egg on the incubator.
How pretty was she!

But it was a wind egg.
It will not hatch out.

She has checked it everyday since that day.

"A" suggested to his wife,
"We should buy a bird for our daughter, shouldn't we?"

Next night, he bought a parakeet, and set it in the incubator with broken and empty eggshell.

For the reason that his family started to keep a parakeet last year.



"What is your a cup of tea?"

This sentence equals below,
"What is your type for the ○○?"

The doubtful phrase was made in U.K.
You knew that English are in a habit of tasting lot of tea in a day.
So, everyone has their own unique that favorite brands or a way of tasting of tea.
So many man, so many mind.

In Japan, there are many gentle, peaceful, tenderly men.
But they're not a cup of tea to me.



Do you have BLACKBERRY (=Smartphone)?
They're not spread in Japan, yet.

Many of Japanese are conservative people.
So that they'd prefer be used goods than new arrivals.
You knew that i-phone isn't spread in Japan, too.

I think BLACKBERRY is more useful than cell-phone.
'Cuz there are many buttons like a keyboard.   

I wanna BLACKBERRY sometime.


I love cafe.

I sometimes go to some cafes my neighborhood.

I'd rather a deserted cafe than a crowded one.
And I'd rather a quiet cafe than a noisy one.
'Cos the quiet and deserted cafe like a hiding place for me.

I like to go to cafe alone.
Maybe, I'd like to relish my solitary life.


It don't matter if you're Black or White

Last week, a gossip magazine of the SUN published an article 'bout Michael Jackson.
The SUN is well-known for his fans 'bout many published articles were not reliable.

I like his music.
I've not been crazy 'bout him, but I've enjoyed listening to his works since I was a child.
I prefer to his early works.
I've not listened his musics recently.
Still, the fact remains that I like his music, whatever I don't listened them now.

I've watched some his interviews that were broadcasted as TV programs.
I felt that he is pureness and cuteness just like a kid.

A one of question of reporter asked him,
"I'm sure that you have nothing impossible dreams, now. 
 But, if you could have only a wish come true,what will you wish for? 
 Where do you wanna go?" 

Michael said with smile like a kid,
"I wanna go SUPERMARKETS!"
'Cus he have never been there.

After that day, his tiny dream came true. 
Staffs of the TV program invited him to a chartered supermarket.
And the staffs asked a duty for his friends and staffs to perform like customers in the supermarket. 
'Cuz, it's so unnatural situation that there're no customers in there.
That's a charming surprise, isn't it?

Of course, Michael noticed that all customers were his friends during shopping.
But he had a very pleasant time that I think.

I got many tiny surprises from my staffs, musicians, and fans. 
Many people brought me a lot of happiness as like him. 

I wish Michael have peaceful time, more and more.


Favorite Flower

What do you like flowers?
I like Persian Buttercup the best.
In Japan, the flowers are called Rununculus.

Persian Buttercup is more beautiful and cute than Rose, I think.
So that, I've used to select the flower when I brought flowers to my dear friends.

I like Camellia, too.

Camellia is Japanese flower.
There are many beautiful spot with blooming Camellia in Japan.
For example, many shrines of Kyoto, and Kamakura, etc.

In Kyoto, there is a shrine that has been called "Camellia shrine".
The formal name of the shrine is "REIKANJI".

"REIKANJI" isn't opened for sightseers in general.
It's been opened twice a year (April and November) for long time.
And the free-admittance term is a week by a week, moreover.

We can enjoy viewing many Camellia at REIKANJI in April.
And we can enjoy viewing many red leaves of maples in November.

I want to visit the shrine sometime.

Of course, in April.



Can you guess about the pic?
They're matchboxes.
I got them by my friend who traveled to Kyoto.
And She talked to me that the matchboxes were put in a long-established-cafe (in kyoto) for take free.

The matchboxes are sticked a variety of Japanese Papers.
They're nice, aren't they?

Kyoto had been a capital city until about 16th century.
So that, Kyoto has many historical places, buildings and structures. 

You knew that the Japanese capital city is Tokyo, now.
"Tokyo(東京)" means " East-Capital-City".
'Cuz the former Japanese capital city in the West.


The Last day

My friend came home today's evening.

I went to her house afternoon.
And I carried out all of cat sitter's work.

I hit upon that I give some surprises for my friend yesterday.

The surprises are………

(1) I cook some meal for her dinner.

So I cooked MISO-SOUP for her (in her kitchen).
'Cuz I thought that she don't want to cook anything this evening.
Maybe she will be very tired after the trip.
And maybe her stomach have been tired during the trip.
MISO-SOUP is home cooking that is very healthy and hearty.

(2) I made her a present of something for relaxation.

I bought her a bath-salt that the fragrance of cherry blossoms.
The fragrance is very good.

I think the cat is filled of peaceful time with my friend at this time.
I'm happy for the cat.


The second day

I think that we (me and the cat) are being good friends lil by lil.

She did never mew yesterday, except for growling.
Today, she mewed so much.
Besides she followed me sometimes.
Maybe she's tamed at me gradually.

But I felt of her mewing that below,
" Where's my Mom? What's she doing? Do you know when she'll come back?"

If she could understand languages, I could answer the questions.
She was looked so lonely.

Your Mom will be back soon.
Hold on just a lil bit longer.



These're cat toys.
Japanese have called them "NEKO-JARASHI" (the translated name is "playing tools with cat" or "frolicsome tools with cat").

There is a verb "JARERU" in Japan.
JARERU means play, frolic and flirt.
"JARASU" is a conjugated verb of "JARERU".
JARERU is an intransitive verb.
JARASU is a transitive verb.
And, "JARASHI" is a noun.

Do you think that these toys are very similar to an ear of rice or green bristle grass, don't you?


The first day

I could pursued a first mission.

First, I wiped the cat's nose.
'Cuz the cat has a nasal inflammation.
She (the cat is female) was running nose when I went her house.

Next, I replaced some stale-drinking-water to fresh water.
And I added some dried cat food in her plate.

And then, I played with her using a cat toy what is similar to green bristle grass. (green foxtail) 

She was looked a lil bit bad mood………

But I did my best. 

To be continued……


Have a nice trip!

One of my friend's going to travel to Kyoto from day after tomorrow.
She has kept a cat for about 7 years.
And she has always left the cat in the charge at HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS when she could not at a home for many days. In Japan some vets have facility of a kind of HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS.

But she asked me to be a cat sitter.

I wonder how can I be a good friend of her cat.

I've always been punched, scratched, and threatened by her cat……………………(T_T)



STYE (or STY) is a one of eye disease.
When I looked up "STYE" and "STY" in a dictionary, I noticed that the word has an another meaning. 
STY means a pigsty and a dirty house.
And then, I've wondered that "STYE" is a coined word (STY+ EYE)or not.

STYE's Japanese word is MONO-MORAI.

"MORAI" equals "be given something"
"MONO" usually equals "thing". 
But, MONO-MORAI's "MONO" isn't epual to "thing".

Japanese people think that the dirty-thing and the scary-thing must not be named concretely.
For example, 
a rash=DEKI-MONO (word-for word translations:be born something/get bad-things), 
begging=MONO-GOI (:Beggars want to something from somebody).

Japanese have thought that they are taboo words for a long long time.
Taboo words are often called "MONO".

Perhaps, maybe you knew the Japanese animation movie『Princess MONONOKE』.
"MONONOKE" means ghosts and apparitions.

MONO-MORAI's "MONO" means this.
'Cos, it had been considered that it's contagious and spread by a person (or place) who has the cause of the disease.

Even if "STYE" is "STY" prus "EYE",
these words (STYE and MONO-MORAI) are very similar to each other.
'Cos MONO-MORAI has an another meaning ,too. (like a STY)


New Year's meal

Thanks for your leaving comments!
I'm brimming with joy !
I read all of you.

By the way,
Japanese are in the habit of eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve.
I also ate them at the day.

The noodles are called "buckwheat noodles traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve (TOSHI-KOSHI-SOBA)."
I've heard that the original name is "Get older buckwheat noodles (TOSHI-TORI-SOBA)."
You knew that buckwheat noodle's shape is long and thin.
So that Japanese have eaten them for make wishes about own longevity.

Are there habits of eating something as New Year's Meal in your country?



Happy New Year!

What's your New Years Resolution?

My resolution is "make a lot artless arts".

I'm looking forward to enjoying with you in this year!