These're cat toys.
Japanese have called them "NEKO-JARASHI" (the translated name is "playing tools with cat" or "frolicsome tools with cat").

There is a verb "JARERU" in Japan.
JARERU means play, frolic and flirt.
"JARASU" is a conjugated verb of "JARERU".
JARERU is an intransitive verb.
JARASU is a transitive verb.
And, "JARASHI" is a noun.

Do you think that these toys are very similar to an ear of rice or green bristle grass, don't you?


Yvonne Lee said...

They look like wheat grass to me, and what's an ear of rice?

Cats love to play fluffy things for sure, I know they're also like to play with something bouncy.

Jarry said...

lol i guess XD

anyway i think you chose right toys for your kitty, they're adorable =)

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a cat again, there's a "no pets allowed" policy in these apartments though :(
On of my favourite parts of No More Heroes was using the Wiimote to use the cat toys hehe.
I hope you're getting along OK with your friend's cat :)

Lil said...

They look like a cat tail plant to me! lol


Anonymous said...

They do look a lot like plants.

Here, cat toys typically look like animals, such as mice.

I think the cat would love those toys. Cats go for anything fluffy and that moves.

Good luck taking care of your friend's cat! You seem to be doing fine so far. :D You would probably do well taking care of my cat, because she is very sweet, very cute, and declawed, so the worst she does is "meow" at people (very loudly!) until they pet her. She's a bit spoiled, but still a sweetheart.

Powerrangga said...

That's a cat toys??
Did you know, i think is like ehm....in Indonesia is KEMOCENG (Khe MO Cheng)for clean the table,mirror,window and anymore.