The first day

I could pursued a first mission.

First, I wiped the cat's nose.
'Cuz the cat has a nasal inflammation.
She (the cat is female) was running nose when I went her house.

Next, I replaced some stale-drinking-water to fresh water.
And I added some dried cat food in her plate.

And then, I played with her using a cat toy what is similar to green bristle grass. (green foxtail) 

She was looked a lil bit bad mood………

But I did my best. 

To be continued……


Jarry said...

Very gooood, Tsuki-chan, keep being that nice to her =)

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to your song "Stone" when typing this XD

Haha, anyway~

What's the name of the female cat? Did the cat play with the green bristle grass toy? Or did she just stare at it? Hmmm...
Tsuki-san, have you heard of catnip? Maybe you should use a cat toy that has catnip in it. Catnip has the effect to make cats go とっても元気 for a few minutes XD
Just like when children ate too much candy or when adults drank too much coffee =D
Ah, but not all cats are affected by the catnip... Arara~

Ah, I got some more tips! Tsuki-san should crouch down when trying to play with her since maybe she's afraid of your tall figure. And you should let the cat sniff your finger before petting it so that she'll ge used to your presence.

Good luck~! <3

Anonymous said...

She hasn't attacked you yet so you are off to a good start ^_^ My friend has a cat that I named Mina (cause it use to be a stray cat and she needed a name) she use to be so little and frail the mom seems to have abandoned her and her sister.(sadly sister died) Now she has grown a lot,she is a fat cat :D

Yvonne Lee said...

Way to go! Congrats on your first day petting! Keep up the good work ya? We're always here for you ^^

Lil said...

Cats don't really like me, so I keep away from them. But, I think you're doing well cat-sitting! Maybe she just misses her home and her owner.

My dog used to be upset when other people watched him too. He looked at us with angry eyes when we came back. lol