Happy New Year!

What's your New Years Resolution?

My resolution is "make a lot artless arts".

I'm looking forward to enjoying with you in this year!


Mr. John said...

Hello, Miss Amano! Portuguese fan speaking!
Happy new year for you too! I hope you can do everything you want to, because you deserve it!
My new year resolutions? Well, first of all, I want to keep my good marks at school and, then, try to learn some new foreign languages such as german or japanese.
By the way, I liked a lot your new site! Congratulations!

Felipe said...

another portuguese fan, this time from Brazil! Thank you for coming back!

Onur said...

Hi and happy new year!

Your new web site and this English blog is really awesome; thanks for continuing blogging:)

In this new year, I want to work even harder and improve myself further in my profession.

I hope you all the best for the new year! Take care.

nowez03 said...

hello Tsuki-san \(^0^)/ Philippines(Asia) fan speaking(19 yrs old). have a blessed new year to you (^w^) this blog is cool..thanks for coming back.... love you songs though (^0^)

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Amano I'm so happy you are still going to blog :) (I think that is what it's called)My New Years resolution is: To Become a better at drawing and coloring, I have other ones but that is my main one. :D I just want to say ^_^ A BLOG IN ENGLISH THAT IS AWESOME! Also HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Wow, English blog! Your English is a million times better than my Japanese, I should really try harder... maybe that's my resolution? :)
Happy new year!

Jolly Doll said...

Happy New Year and I wish you the best for the coming year.

I was very happy to find out you had an English blog. I do hope it helps with your English studies.

My New Year's resoultion is to change my diet and to not let the hard times pull me down.

Yvonne Lee said...

Happy New Year! Amano-san!

I'm Yvonne Lee from Malaysia(Southeast Asia). I never thought you will have an english blog! I'm so happy! I'm looking foward to read your blog again! and thank you for coming back! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Amano-san!

I am very happy that you have made an English-language blog. It will help your studies and help connect you with foreign fans.

My resolution is to be happy in the new year. I also want to sew more, since I have been lazy.

Let's hope that 2009 will be the best year yet~~!

Sae-chan said...

Wow!I got so exited when I saw you had an english blog *-* I'm one of your biggest fans ^^
Happy New Year to you too ^w^ May all of your wishes become real this year ^-^

Hiragi said...

Hi,tsuki-san (New Name~W) , i am so glad that you got an English blog! It really helps for the foreign fans!!
Happy New Year, and hope you have a good start on your new music life.~W It is good to know that you are coming back. =]
My new year resolution is...stay real.
kimi no uta ga dai suki!

Kirie said...

Happy new year Tsukiko too ! :)
I'm realy happy that you finally have blog in english !
I'm your fan from poland :)
I hope that you will be also have your official myspace.com site :)

Tamara T. said...

happy new year Amano-san
an american fan speaking
i love ur music and i'm also a huge Fatal Frame fan (was playing the game just a few minutes ago) and i love ur blog, i'm so happy u did an english blog
i hope it helps u in ur english studies

my new year's resolution is to get straight A's in school, to help my grandma out with chores around the house, and to learn Japanese
i think this would be a good year to start learning!

Lil said...

That is a great a New Year's resolution.

I think I will just try to live and not worry so much about how. ^^;;

nowez03 said...

oh i forgot my new years resolution XD ummmm

1).i must do my best performance every day in school

2).i will start studying english verbally a litle bit hard because im not good in verbal speaking and my grammar too i wmust improve it more (^0^)

3). i must start to save more more more money to buy new BASS :D

4).i will only play games only for 3 hours

i think this is it XD