Have a nice trip!

One of my friend's going to travel to Kyoto from day after tomorrow.
She has kept a cat for about 7 years.
And she has always left the cat in the charge at HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS when she could not at a home for many days. In Japan some vets have facility of a kind of HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS.

But she asked me to be a cat sitter.

I wonder how can I be a good friend of her cat.

I've always been punched, scratched, and threatened by her cat……………………(T_T)


Anonymous said...

I have a cat as a pet! =D
But I don't have the same problems as Tsuki-san since my cat is a coward. She gets scared easily XD

Ummm, so, the important rule is; never carry a cat if it dislikes you ^^; Some cats doesn't like to be carried even if your intention is just to cuddle it lovingly.

Then, when you want to pet it, do it gently. From my experince, I find that a cat likes it when you scratch lightly behind it's ear and under it's chin. Just feed it, pet it a little and give it some personal space.

Haha, maybe Tsuki-san already knew about these tips XD
Good luck~!!

Oh, yeah. This is the first time I've heard about HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS. There's nothing like that here in Malaysia. Usually we just ask our neighbors to take care of our pet when we're away from home =D

Anonymous said...

Cats are alright ,but I like dogs better. My cousin has an angry cat. If you pet her wrong she bites or scratches you. T^T I've been bit by her many times.
I rather stick to taking care of my dogs they are much nicer.I have never heard of hotel for companion animals here in the U.S. I have heard of restaurants and funerals for pets.I keep my distance from animals that don't like me. ^^;

Jarry said...

awww just try showing you're a gentle person...you are a gentle person...aren't you? haha kidding tsuki!!! =)

i'm sure you and the cat will be fine, relax. if you like polar bears, you should like cats too^_^

and nother thing, not about this, but been wanting you to know for long time: like, Tsuki-san, you're my heroine, my idol. in bad moments you voice helped me going through all the grief and in happy moments it made me feel sooo good. you're my favourite singer ever and i admire you not only for what you do (did), but also for what you are =)

anyways. good luck with that cat. i'll keep my eye on anymore news of yours. hehe



ヴィーンセント said...

are you a dog person or a cat person? We ask this when we want to know if you prefer dogs or cats for a pet. I always thought you would be a cat person, because you seem very intuitive and creative, usually cat people are. In American we call HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS a "kennel." Kennel's can be dangerous, sometimes they don't take very good care of animals, hotels in Japan for companion animals sound so much better!

Yvonne Lee said...

Wow! HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS, I wonder do they have stars rate like hotels? Like what yumekage-danna said, we don't have things like this in Malaysia.

Amano-san gives me a feeling that you love cats, because I saw you have a picture with a cat in your ZERO Album. I love cats, but I hate dogs, 'coz I once bitten by an insane dog, my friends said my attitude like cats too.

I don't breed cats, because my family are allergic to cats, so I don't know pretty well about cats, but on my point of view, cats are picky at people, sometimes they even don't like their owner to pet them, they prefer to be alone, but some cats won't.

Amano-san, you're a kind person, I'm sure you can handle it, but your friend's cat punched you? wow! her cat know kung fu!

Mr. John said...

I've never heard about HOTELS FOR COMPANION ANIMALS. But, I knew that dogs there, in Japan, are like a God. A few years ago, I saw a interview with japanese people and their dogs. And I could see how much they loved their dogs.

In Portugal, we have a saying "ter vida de cão" (to lead a dog's life). As you probably know, in the Western World, this has a negative sense. But, there, you treat so good your dogs that if I were a dog, I would like to live in Japan. xD

Anyway, I like cats better than dogs. I think they're the smartest animal in the world.

Tsuki-san, don't worry, I think you'll survive! xD
First, try to show that you are its friend. And, then, try to scratch it behind the ear, as yumekage-danna said.

If it doesn't like you, don't push it too hard. Some cats just don't like people and prefer to be alone.

I hope to read your posts again, because it'll mean that you are alive. xD