Can you guess about the pic?
They're matchboxes.
I got them by my friend who traveled to Kyoto.
And She talked to me that the matchboxes were put in a long-established-cafe (in kyoto) for take free.

The matchboxes are sticked a variety of Japanese Papers.
They're nice, aren't they?

Kyoto had been a capital city until about 16th century.
So that, Kyoto has many historical places, buildings and structures. 

You knew that the Japanese capital city is Tokyo, now.
"Tokyo(東京)" means " East-Capital-City".
'Cuz the former Japanese capital city in the West.


Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

Yes, I think that this matchboxes are nice, Tsuki-san.
At the beginning, we don't know that they are matchboxes.
Yes, I knew that Kyoto was the Japan capital city but I don't knew that Tokyo means "East-Capital-City"...
Kyoto is a verry nice town. I love the Japanese "classical" architecture.
But I love Tokyo as well!! With its building, its lights... Magical! ~_~
I don't know if you think as me because you're living in Tokyo.

Mr. John said...
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Mr. John said...

I really like these matchboxes. They're colorful. I did know that Tokyo meant "East-Capital-City", but I didn't know that Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan.
I've never been there, but I've seen some pictures of these two cities and I prefer Tokyo ;D

itsuki said...

I think they're very pretty, yes, maybe you should start a beautiful collection ne ^_^

i love Kyoto looks too, i want to visit a lot of Japanese cities when i can, especially the big and beautiful ones =D

ummm i wish i knew more about your History though, i should do some research. i know most about the World War facts ne -_-

Anonymous said...

^_^;;The only reason I knew that Kyoto use to be the capital of Japan is cause of the anime Rurouni Kenshin. Those are some nice matchboxes ^_^ so cute for matchboxes. I've always wanted to visit Kyoto looks so pretty in pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

They're very pretty :)
I love Kyoto, I wish I'd had more time to explore it when I was there, but there was just so much we wanted to do and see, 5 days wasn't enough.

nowez03 said...

wow its so nice and pretty cool sugoi, matchboxes for cigarette and use when you need fire just like a cigarette lighter, well the design of the matchboxes is sugoi thats why i want to go in Japan because of many discoveries and lots of beaituful view to see like a magical paradise (^0^), but i must study hard firt the japanese language Y_Y

Nix said...

Wow! They're really cool!!

I also really like your banner for this page!! :D
Did you draw it yourself? (I know you love to draw various things... :) )

BloodCold said...

Ohh, they're are so beautifull matchboxes, really! Very nice colors! I've always heard about Kyoto... from so many places in Japan, Kyoto is one that I would like to visit. I didn't knew the meaning of "Tokyo". I was taking a look in older posts, your english is very good, Amano-san. :)

' andy ! said...

Wow, I am really impressed with those matchboxes. They are so colorful and pretty... I want one of those, haha! :)

I know about the last capital being Kyoto. And also about Tokyo, that is Japan's actual capital.
However, I did not know about the meaning of Tokyo.
Have a nice day. ^^