The Last day

My friend came home today's evening.

I went to her house afternoon.
And I carried out all of cat sitter's work.

I hit upon that I give some surprises for my friend yesterday.

The surprises are………

(1) I cook some meal for her dinner.

So I cooked MISO-SOUP for her (in her kitchen).
'Cuz I thought that she don't want to cook anything this evening.
Maybe she will be very tired after the trip.
And maybe her stomach have been tired during the trip.
MISO-SOUP is home cooking that is very healthy and hearty.

(2) I made her a present of something for relaxation.

I bought her a bath-salt that the fragrance of cherry blossoms.
The fragrance is very good.

I think the cat is filled of peaceful time with my friend at this time.
I'm happy for the cat.


Jarry said...

hehe goooood ,and cheery blossom and miso soooo awesome, u smart as hell haha =)

I'm proud of u haha u could take care of teh cat nicely, i think she'll never forget you~~

if cat not happy scream at her "waratte! waratte hoshi yo!!" haha kidding^^

good luck with everything, i think your firend will be so grateful to u ne~~

Yvonne Lee said...

Amano-san, you're such a kind and sweet person, you cares about your friend a lot, you know she's too tired to cook dinner for herself, so you cooked a healthy and hearty dinner for her; you know she need to relax after back from a trip, so you bought her bath-salt, I admire you and I love you so much!

I'm pretty sure you and her cat had a great time together eventhough it's a short period, and I'm sure the cat was very happy during the time you pet her.

Lil said...

When I read this entry this morning, it made me feel nice. I think I have forgotten that how nice people can be; cooking miso soup for your friend, making her a relaxing present, taking good care of her cat.

Thank you for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

You are a very good friend :D and the cat got along with you :)

Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

You're really kind, Tsuki-san, you're so considerate with your friends!!
You're brilliant! ^_^
Sorry if I make any mistakes, I'm learning English since few time.
I know than you'll increase your English, I'm so sorry but, I don't help you... :(

Powerrangga said...

Surely,i havent seen MISO-SOUP,...hahaha,..im indonesian.
Tsukiko Amano, why you didn't launching album in Indonesia?? Im your fans! hehe