New Year's meal

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By the way,
Japanese are in the habit of eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve.
I also ate them at the day.

The noodles are called "buckwheat noodles traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve (TOSHI-KOSHI-SOBA)."
I've heard that the original name is "Get older buckwheat noodles (TOSHI-TORI-SOBA)."
You knew that buckwheat noodle's shape is long and thin.
So that Japanese have eaten them for make wishes about own longevity.

Are there habits of eating something as New Year's Meal in your country?


liar&wax said...

Hi, tsuki. I’m Chinese and your Fan.This is the first time that I talk to you and I’m so excited.

In fact, The Spring Festival is beginning of Chinese New Year.
We always have a dinner with our family.
Eating something? Aaaaa...such as rice cake((中国風の)お正月の餅(もち).It is also called New Year cake. Its Chinese name is nian gao(年糕)),dandan noodles(dan dan mian担担面 a bowl of long noodles ,which is a strip of noodle ) dumplings and chaffy dish(huo guo火锅)...
Northerner has them at least.
There are more special food during the Spring Festival , But I can not put all their introduction to you .aaa…my English is not good .But if you continue to write Japanese ,I won’t understand at all.

Anonymous said...

We just eat a big roast dinner (I'm in the UK). Potatoes, broccoli, sprouts, carrot, peas and usually chicken with gravy. It's pretty much the same as a Christmas dinner :)

Yvonne Lee said...

Amano-san, remember that I told you that I'm a Malaysian? Well, I'm a chinese too, we have three races in Malaysia, which is Malay, Chinese and Indian.

Malay celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri, their Malay new year. About their meal, they will having rice cooked in coconut leaves which is called "Nasi Ketupat". They'll eat the rice with some beef curry. That's all I know.

In Chinese New Year, we are different than chinese in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have lots of delicious biscuits, especially "Kuih Kapit(Squeezed Biscuit)" , and "Honey Shaped (蜜蜂窝)Biscuit ". Both biscuits are traditional biscuit from our ancestors who first came to Malaysia. And we have "年糕(Sticky Rice Cake)" In the day before Chinese New Year, we will have a reunion for all of the family member come home for dinner, we called "团圆饭(Reunion Dinner)".

I don't know much about the Indians, I guess I should just stop here.

Lil said...

I grew up in America, but my family is from Palau. I think we just eat a lot of seafood on New Years. ^^;;

Thank you for teaching us about soba! I think I have learned something very useful!

GOKU said...

hi Tsikiko amano.iam from india i am a big and very far fans of your>when i am 17years old i am playing that fatal frame game i ended the game.when the end arrieves i listen your song(koe) and suddenly i cry.......i dont have idea i am a male hardcore gamer.how i cry.why.....your voice is magical i dont even understand a word of song but still i like your voice.i am saying the truth.i swear...the quality of your music is exellent..now my age is 20 its very difficult to find you to contact.i cant find your name and you with a source of a voice (thank of the internet)and blogspot(i am sure in my city very few people know about you mybe 2 or 4 persons)in my city ..happy new year and i love your voice still dont know japanese but who cares music is no limits of language.

Mr. John said...

Hi, Tsuki!
Well, portuguese new year's meal is always the same. We usally eat potatoes, vegetables and fish (frequently cod, but there are people who eat octopus). Then, we eat some sweets like Bolo Rei (literally, King Cake), Rabanadas (French Toasts)and Sonhos (literally, Dreams).

HaiTea said...

Tsukiko, I was so sad when you retired. But it okay, you do other work and still talk to us with blogs english. Someday, I want to be an american singer/songwriter, and I will make covers of your songs! Someday meet you and point "see, this is the comment I left on your blog!". I don't like milk. It rots too quickly, my tastebuds to sensitive. I love soymilk. Don't japanese eat Natto? Soy beans and such? What's your opinion of soymilk? People say EW but i love it so much. Tell me, in next blog, about soymilk!!! : D

Kirie said...

In my countrey, in new year we have a lot of cakes :) We everything what is sweet :)

Hiragi said...

hi, Tsukiko san,
In this year, me and my friend did nothing for the new year, (We went to buy pizza at 11 something, but after we finished buying pizza, it's already 12 something...)
but usually i will go to count down for new year. My japanese friends invited me to 07-08's new year party and i tried the soba it tastes good and funny=].
My family usually do not have any traditional meal, but except for the lunar new year.

Thanks for reading our posts =]!!

Anonymous said...

I spent New Year's Eve at my friend's house, and I think the only things we ate were chips and slices of bread... we are wholesome teens, yes yes. :D

I'm from Canada by the way, you have fans from all over the place XD; Your english is really very good Amano-san!

I wish you a great year and I hope you make a lot of art! :D

Anonymous said...

Hello! アンソニーです。


将来、A LUNCHのライブがあれば、確かに行こうよ!

Anonymous said...

We don't have any real traditions here in America for New Year's besides lots of parties (I suppose drinking champagne is a tradition for those who drink?), but in my family, we always eat chocolate the first thing in the new year. That's a tradition I like!

b.driftwood said...

Lil, who commented on this before me, is my sister. we both are from the United States, but our parents are from Palau. For New Years, our mom would sometimes make a sweet red bean soup (asuki!) with dumplings for a fortunate year. (Palauan culture has borrowed some Japanese culture.)

Thank you for the lesson on New Years soba. I enjoyed learning about it. Happy New Year!