The second day

I think that we (me and the cat) are being good friends lil by lil.

She did never mew yesterday, except for growling.
Today, she mewed so much.
Besides she followed me sometimes.
Maybe she's tamed at me gradually.

But I felt of her mewing that below,
" Where's my Mom? What's she doing? Do you know when she'll come back?"

If she could understand languages, I could answer the questions.
She was looked so lonely.

Your Mom will be back soon.
Hold on just a lil bit longer.


Jarry said...

awwww how sweet ^_^

Maybe she knows you're being a good mommy for her and sooo she's getting nicer to you, she knows you can look after her very well =)

Mr. John said...

She can not understand language, but you can speak to her. It's what I do to my parekeets when I travel.
They don't talk, but they feel.

Yvonne Lee said...

Aww, how sweet.....^_^

You two get along very fast and well.

Does she starring at you and mewed? I think she wants to chat and play with. ^_^

You can bring her for an evening walk, get some fresh air.

Hiragi said...

tuski san is getting better staying with the litlle cat.
By the way, what is its name?
I don't have a cat but i think animal can understand language sometime, so you can still talk to her.=]