I love cafe.

I sometimes go to some cafes my neighborhood.

I'd rather a deserted cafe than a crowded one.
And I'd rather a quiet cafe than a noisy one.
'Cos the quiet and deserted cafe like a hiding place for me.

I like to go to cafe alone.
Maybe, I'd like to relish my solitary life.


It don't matter if you're Black or White

Last week, a gossip magazine of the SUN published an article 'bout Michael Jackson.
The SUN is well-known for his fans 'bout many published articles were not reliable.

I like his music.
I've not been crazy 'bout him, but I've enjoyed listening to his works since I was a child.
I prefer to his early works.
I've not listened his musics recently.
Still, the fact remains that I like his music, whatever I don't listened them now.

I've watched some his interviews that were broadcasted as TV programs.
I felt that he is pureness and cuteness just like a kid.

A one of question of reporter asked him,
"I'm sure that you have nothing impossible dreams, now. 
 But, if you could have only a wish come true,what will you wish for? 
 Where do you wanna go?" 

Michael said with smile like a kid,
"I wanna go SUPERMARKETS!"
'Cus he have never been there.

After that day, his tiny dream came true. 
Staffs of the TV program invited him to a chartered supermarket.
And the staffs asked a duty for his friends and staffs to perform like customers in the supermarket. 
'Cuz, it's so unnatural situation that there're no customers in there.
That's a charming surprise, isn't it?

Of course, Michael noticed that all customers were his friends during shopping.
But he had a very pleasant time that I think.

I got many tiny surprises from my staffs, musicians, and fans. 
Many people brought me a lot of happiness as like him. 

I wish Michael have peaceful time, more and more.


Favorite Flower

What do you like flowers?
I like Persian Buttercup the best.
In Japan, the flowers are called Rununculus.

Persian Buttercup is more beautiful and cute than Rose, I think.
So that, I've used to select the flower when I brought flowers to my dear friends.

I like Camellia, too.

Camellia is Japanese flower.
There are many beautiful spot with blooming Camellia in Japan.
For example, many shrines of Kyoto, and Kamakura, etc.

In Kyoto, there is a shrine that has been called "Camellia shrine".
The formal name of the shrine is "REIKANJI".

"REIKANJI" isn't opened for sightseers in general.
It's been opened twice a year (April and November) for long time.
And the free-admittance term is a week by a week, moreover.

We can enjoy viewing many Camellia at REIKANJI in April.
And we can enjoy viewing many red leaves of maples in November.

I want to visit the shrine sometime.

Of course, in April.