Favorite Flower

What do you like flowers?
I like Persian Buttercup the best.
In Japan, the flowers are called Rununculus.

Persian Buttercup is more beautiful and cute than Rose, I think.
So that, I've used to select the flower when I brought flowers to my dear friends.

I like Camellia, too.

Camellia is Japanese flower.
There are many beautiful spot with blooming Camellia in Japan.
For example, many shrines of Kyoto, and Kamakura, etc.

In Kyoto, there is a shrine that has been called "Camellia shrine".
The formal name of the shrine is "REIKANJI".

"REIKANJI" isn't opened for sightseers in general.
It's been opened twice a year (April and November) for long time.
And the free-admittance term is a week by a week, moreover.

We can enjoy viewing many Camellia at REIKANJI in April.
And we can enjoy viewing many red leaves of maples in November.

I want to visit the shrine sometime.

Of course, in April.


ヴィーンセント said...

I love camelia. Japan's fall is nice and long so there are many times to view the beautiful changing leaves 紅葉がだーいすき〜

I can't wait for Omohide 2. It seems that my order and another order by an English fan is having problem. We ordered and received a confirmation order with instructions for furikomi payment, both of us payed furikomi but never got 入金確認メール. the strange part was we have both ordered from otokura store before, we have bought ZERO and t-shirts and used furikomi before, but this time, we never got the 入金確認 mail...we e-mailed otokura shop but no one is answering us and we are both upset. I hope everything works out!

Jarry said...

That's beautiful~~
I love camellia's and sakura's the most, i bet you like sakura too^^
and thank you for the information, i hope someday i can try that Reikanji, it'd be amazing^^

Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

I like Camelia, Rose and now Persian Buttercup (I did'nt know, it's verry nice!).
I love Japanese garden and Hanami.

Japan is quite simply magical!

Anonymous said...

Well I live in a Desert area so I don't see too many flowers that I like. Thou here in Las Vegas there are lots of pretty flowers inside the casinos.
There are so many beautiful flowers I like but my favorites would have to be Lily of the Valley, Water lily, Orchids, Lotus, and Birds of Paradise,and lavender. Lavender smells amazing :D I hope I can visit shrines when I go to Japan :)

Howling Wolf said...


Anonymous said...

I don't have a favourite flower, but I love camellias quite a bit. We have a beautiful one in our yard called a "peppermint stripe" because of the pink and white stripes on it, just like a candy! All of the camellias are blooming at my school right now, and they are beautiful.

I also love flowering trees of any kind. Late February and early March is my favourite time of year because they are all blooming (some have been blooming since last week, even!) and it looks wonderful against the blue sky.

Because of your song, I ended up loving clematis. The word is fun to say (and the plural - clematises - is really funny to me for some reason!), and when I finally saw some, they were a very deep purple against a very dark green center that looked like velvet. Those became one of my favourites, as well.

I actually like a lot of plants. I could keep going about favourite flowers if I wanted to. :D

Anonymous said...

I like Camellia too. Its very beautiful!
I hope I can someday go to Japan to go to these shrines. And also to see the red leaves of the maples in autumn.
It's one of my dreams to watch those during autumn.
Some dreams can come true, right? I'll do my best for it to happen.

Good luck going to the shrine during April.
Have a nice week.

GOKU said...

good flowers
what is the meaning of ZERO ????