It don't matter if you're Black or White

Last week, a gossip magazine of the SUN published an article 'bout Michael Jackson.
The SUN is well-known for his fans 'bout many published articles were not reliable.

I like his music.
I've not been crazy 'bout him, but I've enjoyed listening to his works since I was a child.
I prefer to his early works.
I've not listened his musics recently.
Still, the fact remains that I like his music, whatever I don't listened them now.

I've watched some his interviews that were broadcasted as TV programs.
I felt that he is pureness and cuteness just like a kid.

A one of question of reporter asked him,
"I'm sure that you have nothing impossible dreams, now. 
 But, if you could have only a wish come true,what will you wish for? 
 Where do you wanna go?" 

Michael said with smile like a kid,
"I wanna go SUPERMARKETS!"
'Cus he have never been there.

After that day, his tiny dream came true. 
Staffs of the TV program invited him to a chartered supermarket.
And the staffs asked a duty for his friends and staffs to perform like customers in the supermarket. 
'Cuz, it's so unnatural situation that there're no customers in there.
That's a charming surprise, isn't it?

Of course, Michael noticed that all customers were his friends during shopping.
But he had a very pleasant time that I think.

I got many tiny surprises from my staffs, musicians, and fans. 
Many people brought me a lot of happiness as like him. 

I wish Michael have peaceful time, more and more.


Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

Hello Tsuki-san! ^_^
I don't really know Michael Jackson... Maybe I'll listen, a day.
His response is very touching!!
The staffs of the TV program were nice!! Maybe they were very touched?
Yes, it's a charming surprise!

It's natural that staffs, musicians and fans got to you a lot of hapiness: you're a source of hapiness to their ^_^ !!

Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

It's again me! ^_^
Do you think it's again possible buy a Hakoniwa Single "Brand new"??
I ask to the Otokura records if it can seld one, but I have not any response...
(Sorry for the mistakes: I must hurry!!)

Howling Wolf said...

I was born with "Thriller" and grew up with "Bad" and "Dangerous", Michael Jackson made the soundtrack of my childhood; he even played live here those days, I was nearly a fan.

But... Years passed by and his music wasn't the same for me, he became a media freak and I felt sorry, I think most of the people don't understand him, his soul. Now I think I don't care but this post remind me those days, and how I identified myself with him in the past...

Be well.

Yvonne Lee said...

I once MJ's big fan when I was still kids, I especially love his "dangerous" and "You're not alone"(was it the right name?), but now I don't, 'coz he made himself really terrible no matter in his image or his songs.

MJ was one of the best rockstar in USA, he can dance and sing pretty well.

Lil said...

Because of this entry, I felt like listening to Michael Jackson! I had to buy some songs from iTunes though.
"Bille Jean", "Bad", "Leave Me Alone", and "Scream", his duet with Janet. And many more.

I loved both Janet and Michael when I was a kid. I really like siblings, because I have a brother and a sister I am very close to. ^^

I'm glad Michael had a good time in Japan. He is recluse in America because the Media is very hard on him. :(

Have you seen his movie Moonwalker? I watched it last night. Good memories.

Sébastien said...

Michael Jackson passed away today :(

It's sad. He never got to do his super comeback. On top of that, so many people say bad things about him, even after his death.

In all his lifetime, no one even compared to him. He truly was the King of Pop.

May he rest in peace.

Lil said...

Michael Jackson had died. ;_;

I thought of this blog entry.

Yvonne Lee said...

I was so surprised and sad when I heard about his obituary.

My country's radio station broadcasted his songs for a whole day.

He was the "King of Pop". May he rest in peace.

b.driftwood said...

like Lil, i thought of this blog entry with all the news of Michael's passing.