I love cafe.

I sometimes go to some cafes my neighborhood.

I'd rather a deserted cafe than a crowded one.
And I'd rather a quiet cafe than a noisy one.
'Cos the quiet and deserted cafe like a hiding place for me.

I like to go to cafe alone.
Maybe, I'd like to relish my solitary life.


Sebastien said...

Hello Amano-san ^_^

It's my first time writing here. I never thought I would have the chance to write something to my favorite singer one day, so thank you very much for creating this English blog :)

I love cafés too. I got the habit of going to cafés from my father, hehe. I am the same, what attracts me to cafés is the silence and the fact that I can be comfortable being alone there. I can't drink too much coffee though because my body can't take it and I get dizzy, lol :P

But yeah, in the end, I'm more of a solitary person too, but I don't think there's anything wrong to it (^o^)

Cya =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I understand. Sometimes Cafés are like an escape from the noisy world outside. Sure it's nice to be surrounded by people you love and stuff but sometimes you just really need a break from the world. Some alone time, and yes that is always nice.

Yvonne Lee said...

Sometimes people need peace and quiet moment when you're getting really tired. I don't like to hang out too long in crowded area either, they were very noisy.

Have a cup of tea and read books in a deserted cafe is the best way to relax yourself. Nice choice, Amano-san! ^^

Akai-Chô-no-Irezumi said...

Hello Tsuki-san!!
I think it's nice to rest sometimes in a quiet place...
To isolate oneself sometimes in a deserted cafe is relaxing.
I think the lively atmosphere is good, she puts everybody at his ease.

Lil said...

Outside, people are busy with their lives, running from moment to moment.

But inside a quiet cafe, time stops. Worries wait at the door.

I like to turn my cellphone on silent too.

Kirie said...
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Kirie said...

Hello :)
I love caffe too :)
I want to tell you that today i saw your 2 new videoclip on youtube :
They looks totally amazing !

Evander said...

Hi Tsuki-San!
Well... I like cafés too, and also prefer more silent places. Silent places are the best places to think, about absolute anything. Or to do other nice things, just like read or even meet with good friends.

PS: I'm a big fan of your musics. Specially Joker Joe and B.G. . :)
Hugs. o/

between the bamboos... said...

I understand your loneliness, I think few people understand what it is!

I like cappuccino! ^^

Anonymous said...

I love deserted places that are normally full of people. They always feel peaceful to me, and I feel like I can stay hidden in them. I like to sit and listen to music and think while I am in such places.

I like cafes, but there are very few near where I live, and the large coffee chains (like Starbucks) don't really count because their coffee isn't very good and the atmosphere isn't very good. I prefer secluded outdoor patios, or places where I can people watch and get lost in some music.

Being near too many people takes away my energy. I'm a very solitary person.