Märchen Rock's Atelier

I started to exibit of my paint on MYSPACE.

The painting consept is "Märchen (=Fairy Tales) Rock".

If you'll regist to MYSPACE, you will be able to add me to your friends-list.
Besides, you can get my information, buy my new-goods and etc.

Please check my profile on MYSPACE!

Click here!
MySpace Japan

I'd glad to be joined together on MYSPACE!

Maybe I will not be able to answer 'bout your massages on myspace, even if you will send to me about them. 'Cuz I have not enough time to answer them. Please be forewarned.


Lil said...

Oh wow! Nice! :D I really like your style. There is something very honest about it.

L.Ta said...

Why don't you use facebook!?

I am your fan from Hong Kong^^

Yvonne Lee said...

Awesome! I'll definately add you to my friend list!! ^o^

Ain't it better if you have facebook too?

Anonymous said...

Yay! thats great I just added you :D your art is always amazing ^_^

TSUKI said...


I don't like facebook.
'Cuz we can't customize the PAGE….
Besides, I don't like BLUE….


If we can customize the PAGE, I will use the facebook, maybe.

Yvonne Lee said...

It's alright, it doesn't matter whether you have facebook or not, I'm the one who should say sorry for being annoying, so it's cool.

Foxie said...

I just added you as myspace friend!

I also read all of your english blog entrys. I loved to read those!

And thank you for sharing!

(hope I got it right, just trying to learn japan, I'm bad at it ^_^)