She sat on a quail's egg.

My business partner "A" has a daughter.
She is 4 years old.

One day, "A" came home after his job at night.
He took a delivery-service of KAMAMESHI and ate it.
KAMAMESHI is a japanese traditional food, it's really similar with spanish paella.
Suddenly, she picked up a quail's egg from the pod to her room.

He wondered,
What are you going to do by an egg??
So he followed her silently.

She tried to hatch out the egg by handmade incubator.
She put the egg on the incubator.
How pretty was she!

But it was a wind egg.
It will not hatch out.

She has checked it everyday since that day.

"A" suggested to his wife,
"We should buy a bird for our daughter, shouldn't we?"

Next night, he bought a parakeet, and set it in the incubator with broken and empty eggshell.

For the reason that his family started to keep a parakeet last year.


Anonymous said...

Haha, that's very sweet :)

b.driftwood said...

that is such a good story! it made me smile. thank you for sharing.

Lil said...

Aww. I like that story! It was very sweet how he put a parakeet there with a broken shell. ^^

I stole a chicken egg from the fridge once and tried to hatch it under my pillow.

It didn't work. lol

Anonymous said...

That's a really sweet story! That brightened my day a little. :D

Yvonne Lee said...

Aww, how cute and sweet! I wonder I did the same thing when I was a little kid?

Anonymous said...

aww thats so cute I remember I did that once with a chicken egg. My mom just told me the truth ;_;