They're UME (=plum) blossoms.
I'd prefer UME than SAKURA (=cherry blossoms).

I went to a park that was planted many many plum trees.
That's sooooo beautiful.

But I have a heavy hay feaver (=pollinosis) .
It's hard for me going out in this season.

I'd loved Spring.
But I dislike Spring, now…(T T)


Azhün.. said...

So bad your pollinosis, the spring is so beuty and plus with the flower and trees in his max expresion.

Sorry, i don't have a good english.

Yvonne Lee said...

That's too bad :( , I love Sakura, they're beautiful! Blossom is similar to Sakura, Blossom will bloom when Chinese New Year, they were so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ume Blossom's are pretty.Spring is lovely ,the only bad thing here in Las Vegas is that it gets really hot :( I like the cold.

Anonymous said...

Spring is my favourite season. I always love the day when I wake up to find all the trees in bloom. Sadly, since it gets rather warm here and we always have a short warm period early, that day is usually in the beginning of February and all the flowers are gone by the time the weather gets nice in March.

I love plum blossoms, as well. They also seem to last longer, at least around here, than any other blossom.

I'm sorry about your allergies. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't have them, so I know how bad they can be when spring comes. I got lucky.


Well,it seen that you like flowers but you also have pollinosis,so unlucky...

I have never seen cherry blossoms or plum.In Guangzhou,Sakura and Ume can only be see in suburb,though Sakura and Ume can adjust to Guangzhou weather.So, I can't say I like them.

Now,it's also 30℃ in Guangzhou,it's like summer than spring~~~I am sweating in front of my computer.

Jarry said...

I love these blossoms, but yeeeeah i kinda prefer Winter lot more~~~~