Today is Mr.Tokura's birthday!
He is my ex-music-producer.

He was down by a serious illness 3 years ago.
Still he have an aftereffect of a disease.
His left side body is insensible.

For example,
It's hard for him carrying something in his left hand.
He can't feel the weight of something as his left hand.

So that, he can't use any umbrella while he's walking even now.

I've bought some present for his birthday every year since I met him.
I always have worried about his birthday present every year.
'Cuz he is a person with peculiar tastes.
Well………me too.(lol)

If he could get over the aftereffect,
I will buy a special umbrella for him.

It's a my modest ……and mighty dream.


Inflammation of the cornea…

Long time no see.

I have been sooo busy, recently.
I had not enough time to study English.

About 2 weeks ago,
I went to see an oculist(an eye doctor).
'Cos I have sore eyes.

The doctor diagnosed my case as inflammation of the cornea.
And I was diagnosed that required 'bout 4 weeks to heal completely.

I checked an enlargement of my eyes when I have a medical examination.
There were plenty of scars on surface my eyes.
They looked like worn-out-windowpanes.

The doctor prescribed some eye drops to me.

You knew that a mouth, eyes, and ears link together.

So that, I have to taste the flavor of my eye drops absolutely when I drop the lotions into my eyes.
They're toooooooo bitter.

Goddamn(T T)