Inflammation of the cornea…

Long time no see.

I have been sooo busy, recently.
I had not enough time to study English.

About 2 weeks ago,
I went to see an oculist(an eye doctor).
'Cos I have sore eyes.

The doctor diagnosed my case as inflammation of the cornea.
And I was diagnosed that required 'bout 4 weeks to heal completely.

I checked an enlargement of my eyes when I have a medical examination.
There were plenty of scars on surface my eyes.
They looked like worn-out-windowpanes.

The doctor prescribed some eye drops to me.

You knew that a mouth, eyes, and ears link together.

So that, I have to taste the flavor of my eye drops absolutely when I drop the lotions into my eyes.
They're toooooooo bitter.

Goddamn(T T)


Aoi said...

It is too sad to hear this. Please take a good care of your eyes and get well soon!

Akai Tsumi said...

aww that sucks .. get well soon ^-^

Wagner said...

Take care because your eyes is most important and it is a disease that hard to treat.

Your fans from Hong Kong~

Nathea said...

aww, get well soon! i love my eyes so if that happens, it would freak me out very much! i always take good care of my hands too and my ears (although i've been listening to a lot of music lately and singing) so it's sad to hear that.

i hate eyedrops because i get so scared to drop them.

don't worry though, it'll heal faster if you take good care of them!

take care and get well soon!

Yvonne Lee said...

It's been awhile Tsuki-san.

I'm sorry to hear about your eyes, please take good care alright?

lol, I didn't know eyes and ears can taste? But I do know you can feel how it taste.

Take care and rest well.

Newtype said...

Goddamn (^o^)

Eyes are so important, it's scary to realize how fragile they are. I didn't know that the mouth was related to the eyes. I learned something thanks to you!

I hope you will heal quickly and well! Take good care of your pretty eyes ^_^

ヴィーンセント said...

ganbatte ne, keep up with your english, we are always here for you! also, eat lots of carrots! carrots are very good for your eyes!

bado said...

hope you get better very soon. ^^

Anonymous said...

Awww... get better! Take care of your health! I'll always be your fan... forever! I ♥ u <333

Nik said...

I hope you feel better soon!! My eye doctor recommends wearing sunglasses when out in the bright sunlight. Maybe you should try it, too! :)