She is my Veronica.

One of my close girl-friend's going to hold a wedding celemony and banquet in October.
Her husband is my friend, too.
They already got married in June.

I met them when we were university students.
She said to me at the first time,
"Call me Veronica as my nickname."
She is a Japanese with a capital.
She has been a lil unique but I've liked the character for donkeys years.

When she and I were university students, we were often called "Sisters" by our professors and our friends.
Our looks were not similar to each other.
But our family name are the same.
And, in Japan, "Sisters" means "a combinaton", too.
We had always hooked up with each other everytime in those days.
I think it was the reason we were called "Sisters".

But, she's always behaved like a older sister for me.lol

I was very happy for heard of their marriage.

Dear my Veronica,
Wish you much love and happiness.


Nathea said...

Congratulations to your friend!

I also have a person like yours, we share the same name (although mine is longer) and at school we were called N***h 1 and N***h 2. It always confuses our teachers too XD.

I hope i can also be as happy as you when my friends get married :3.

Yvonne Lee said...

October is the best month of a year. It is the best month for celebrating marriage, birthday etc. I was born in October in the day of third, and fortunately, my birthday hits "Mooncake Festival Day" this year. I'm so excited about it!

Anyways, congratulations to your friend! I wish both of them much love and happiness forever.

I have a very close girl-friend too, we knew each other since we were in primary school. We have so much coincidence, we born in the same year, we were neighbours, study in the same class. We used to have a nickname in school, people called us "twins". I'm the bossy one. lol

Lil said...

I'm really happy for your friend! Congratulations to both her and her fiance. I wish them all the best in life.

This post made me miss my university crew. (That's what we called our group of friends. "The Crew".) They are like family to me, but I haven't seen them in two years.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of your friends!
To marry an other person is a big step I think and I'm always happy to hear about it.
My father want to marry his girlfrind next year, too. I'm very happy about that and I guess you'r the same.
I wish that they will spend a great future together.

Cymatoperior said...

I miss your music so much... Hope you will write more songs soon...

Aiko - Chan said...

Tomorrow's your birthday!!!
You better have an awesome day, I wish you well! Your so awesome!!! Just, have an awesome B-day, okay! I love your music, it's so amazing and brilliant.

SD008 said...


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