Chrismas present for you.

This is a present from my music producer.

SPOT 「APPARE/Stone(1 chorus ver)」

Have a good Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas!

How's going this Christmas?

In Japan, a lots of couple are going out today. I pray for a good of them.
Say the truth, many of lovey-dovey couple are lil bit annoying. lol
Today is glorious day, isn't it?
Since when is Christmas the lover's day in Japan?
That's odd!! lol

by the way,

I came back to announce to you my new myspace address.

You knew that I already had my profile on myspace.
But I didn't sign up for myspace as a musician at that day.
So that, I couldn't post my song on that profile.

Then I signed up again for myspace.

The former profile will be operate only as my painting atelier.
And new one will be operate as my music-related site.
So, their profile linked each other on their friend network.

Please visit my new profile!
You can do trial listening about my new album.

Click below



It's just a bit……(Part 1 ?)


We posted below on You Tube.
It's just a bit but enjoy listening!

SPOT「天晴/Doctor and Peacock」


I show you!

Good evening!

I came here to show you 'bout my new CDs jacket design and an announce to you.



TSUKI AMANO 10th Aniversary Project Vol.1

M-1 B.G.〜Black Guitar+Berry Garden〜
M-2 Steroid
M-3 OWL(original/HUKUROH)
M-6 Doctor and Peacock(original/Hakase to Kujaku)
M-7 Stone

I said that we will distribute them on online shop.
Maybe the date is after February or March, I think.

So that, I create a site to preview some of them.

Please wait a moment.

I will come back at Christmas! Promise you!




Hi, everyone!
Looooooong time nooooooo see.
How are you?
.....what's up?
……Do you remember me?

I was very busy until recently.
So I didn't have enough time to post this blog. Sorry.

Now, I have a information to you!

I'm going to release new CDs at the next new years day!

One of them, it's a new single.
And others, it's a new album that included my old songs translated in English. Maybe You will be able to buy them online shop. (ex. Amazon and etc. )

Wish I enjoy with you about my new works. I'm glad to hear your impressions about them.

I believe music without borders.


Thanks for leaving comments!

I'm glad to talk with you about fairy tales whole the world.

I recommend a web site for you, below.

A web site of Japanese old fairy tales

I think "Little blue and Little yellow" (written by Leo Lionni) is the best.
Please try the book, if you have not read it yet.


What do you recommend about juvenile stories?

I've been reading some English juvenile stories in the originals, recently.

I love fairy tales.
I can read and buy that lots of translated fairy tales in Japan.
But I hope trying to read in the originals written in English.

What do you recommend about them?

I've rather short-stories than long one.


Dear. Overseas fans

You knew that I decided shut down to sing own songs last year.
And you knew that I changed my stage name in compensation for my decision, too.
I’m sorry about that.
But, I could not find a way without the decision.

I’m very happy.

I’m surely feeling about it listening my completed new tune.

I’m thankful for the day that I can feel such a feeling again,

I’m thankful for the situation that I can write own songs so naturally,

And, I’m thankful for your lots of love.

I declare I’m gonna sing again in this year.
This is the time raising of the curtain of "TSUKI AMANO's stage".

I feel that it's MY MORNING, now.
So that, I say for you,
"Good Moring."

Tsuki Amano


Traditional Food served during the New Year Period

Do your country or hometown have a habit of "Traditional New Year's Food" ?

In Japan, we have a habit to eat "OSECHI".

OSECHI are traditional food served during the New Year period.
The means "Celebration Food of the New Year".

This is the OSECHI.

OSECHI is an aggregate as many kinds of preserved(long-stays fresh) dish.
Mother or Wife cooked and bought them until 31th December in usual.
So that, they are not hot meal.
And we don't heat up them.
We eat OSECHI that their condition have gotten cold.

Why do you think about it?

Old Japanese men regarded "Cooking is an important duty as everyday of women".
But they thought like below, too.
"We should give a rest for women during New Year period."

So that, OSECHI like a preserved food.

I like OSECHI.
They're delicious.


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year!

I wish this year will be more happy and more fruitful!

I had my hair cut.