Happy New Year !

Happy New Year!

I wish this year will be more happy and more fruitful!

I had my hair cut.


Anonymous said...

It really suits you :)
Happy New Year, have a great 2010!

Braulio® said...

Happy New Year to you too!
You look nice with you hair cut.

Harry Yazawa said...

happy new year dear Tsuki :)
last year for me was a little chaotic at the end and the beginning of this new one is somehow sad too, but I hope everything changes and becomes more happy and fruitful like you wished.

well, I wish you can have a really nice year and I hope to see you around your monster's cafe more often, I really like how you write, since your music times. sorry for writing such a big comment.

Harry Yazawa said...

oh by the way (sorry for commenting again) your haircut suits you, it is really beautiful ^^

[RYOUGI] said...

Happy New Year to you and every one!
Your new hair style looks different but that's good.

I wish you have a nice new year with your new hair style ^ ^

Yoh-kun said...

Thank you very much!
I hope that this year will be full of happiness for you too.

This is a nice photo. I like its idea.

Newtype said...

Happy New Year to you too, Tsuki ^_^
I love your new hair and that's a nice picture! I hope you'll have a great year =)

Pedro said...

Tsuki-san, Happy New Year from Brazil =)!

Your new haircut looks beautiful~
~(^ 3 ^)~

Keep up your good work!
♥ ♥ ♥

Cymatoperior said...

Your hair is really cute, like KAWAWIII cute :) And yes i'm becoming a stalker :D

Anonymous said...

I love you new haircut :3

When I need a new start, I had cut my hair. I wonder if you did the same for that reason...

Even if that the reason, I hope you can feel the change in this new year!

Happy new year! :3

BLOG HENDI said...

i can't speak english well, but i just wanna say your hair cut always look good