Traditional Food served during the New Year Period

Do your country or hometown have a habit of "Traditional New Year's Food" ?

In Japan, we have a habit to eat "OSECHI".

OSECHI are traditional food served during the New Year period.
The means "Celebration Food of the New Year".

This is the OSECHI.

OSECHI is an aggregate as many kinds of preserved(long-stays fresh) dish.
Mother or Wife cooked and bought them until 31th December in usual.
So that, they are not hot meal.
And we don't heat up them.
We eat OSECHI that their condition have gotten cold.

Why do you think about it?

Old Japanese men regarded "Cooking is an important duty as everyday of women".
But they thought like below, too.
"We should give a rest for women during New Year period."

So that, OSECHI like a preserved food.

I like OSECHI.
They're delicious.


Harry Yazawa said...

well... here in brazil i don't think we have a traditional food for the new year period, but you can say we have a traditional drink hahahaha

but i think drinking champagne is common on every country, am I right?

there are the tradition of eating turkey on christmas, but i really can't remember of any food for the new year period.

hope you're having a happy beginning of year tsuki-san.

Braulio® said...

In Mexico the food tends to be more tradicional in Christmas and other countries as well, but in New Year I don't know.

Everyone drinks sidra and others alcoholic stuff but that's all, cna't remember if there's an special food.

Anyway, I hope your New Year will be full of happiness and thaks for your wishes!

Mishi said...

I live in Michigan in northern United States. Since I live with my Filipina mother, I normally wind up eating Philippine cuisine whether it's New Year's or not.

But this last New Year's, I visited my boyfriend living in Virginia. He used to live further south. A tradition they have which interests me involves Black Eyed Peas. (Not that I'm sure why they call them peas. They look more like beans to me.)

It seems that in the southern US, the more black eyed peas one eats on New Year's, the more luck they will have in the new year. I'm just glad that I like such a vegetable.

I know I'm posting this in March, but I just came across this blog. Hope you're having a wonderful time.

Misake said...

I am very sorry for the over a year delay in replying to this post. I just found your blog.

I'm from Montréal, Québec, Canada.
Here, during Christmas and New Years we have pretty much the same food (Turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots...). But what Québec is known for is their tourtière (meat pie)It's soooo yummy!!! ^.^. It is something that can be eating anytime of the year, but usually just served at Christmas/New Years time.