What do you recommend about juvenile stories?

I've been reading some English juvenile stories in the originals, recently.

I love fairy tales.
I can read and buy that lots of translated fairy tales in Japan.
But I hope trying to read in the originals written in English.

What do you recommend about them?

I've rather short-stories than long one.


Anonymous said...

I love fairy tales ^_^
Maybe "The Princess And The Pea" would be a good place to start, that one is very short!

Tendoryu said...

At the moment I am reading Chinese fairy tales. Actually I looked for Japanese fairy tales but I couldn't find any. Can you recommend a nice Japanese fairy tale?

My recommendation is: read German fairy tales. There are a lot of in Germany. I can recommend "The Bremen town musicians". It is a "Märchen" from Bremen, a city in Germany. It is very cute!

Braulio® said...

There's one I remember from my childhood: "The knight with the rust armor". A classic.

Storm said...

Im a spanish fan. I love your music, and I am collecting your discs.
I would to know becaus your name is different.

Sorry for my english... is very bad jejej.

I love you and im very happy for your return at the music

My name is Jonathan

KrayonZ or NibbleZ said...

Hansel and Gretel is a good short one. So is Rapunzel. I grew up with those stories. :)

ヴィーンセント said...

Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, with illustration and drawings by Tim Burton. If you like Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton, this is good book of short stories and fairytales with a Tim Buton-style twist! Also, do you know Edward Gorey, he is quite famous, and I would recommend this:


Lil said...

When I was a young, one of my favorite books was The Thief of Always. It's written by Clive Barker.


The story is about a boy who is taken to a children's paradise called the Holiday House. But the Holiday House is not everything it seems to be.

naverwolf said...

First of all I'm so glad you're returning! You're one of my favorite artists, I always listen to your songs when I'm upset. Rainy Day and Moments are beautiful. I've never

Seondly thank you Lil!!! I read that a long time ago and was thinking about it just the other day, but couldn't remember the name for the life of me. I recommend that story as well.

On to my comment, I have two fairytale collections to recommend. One is Grimm's Fairytales, which has all the western classics in it, well, classics as far as America is concerned, I can't speak for European countries.

Another is Giants and Witches and a Dragon or Two, selected by Phyllis R. Fenmer. It has stories from many different places, England, Scandinavia, Albania, Welsh, Russia, and so on. It also has some well-known classics like Hansel and Grethel, as well as Jack and the Beanstalk.

Those are the two fairytail books I've had. I got both as a little girl, and I still have and read Giants and Witches and a Dragon or Two. Grimm's unfortunately got lost when moving houses.

Well that's it, sorry for leaving such a long comment! If it was of any help to you I'm very happy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I am so late to comment.

When I was little, I loved Hans Christian Andersen. "The Little Match Seller" was my favourite, but I also loved one about a tin soldier with one leg.

He is famous for writing "The Little Mermaid" and "The Emporer's New Clothes." I think you would enjoy his stories.

mahomiao said...

Sorry if my english is bad (i'm french) but I you are one of my favorite singer with AI (Ai Carina Uemura).
Do you like Perrault ?
french fairy tales. Some of them are famous.
a chinese tale that I like a lot even this tale is very strange!lol

Litos said...

First of all, hello! I like your music so much! I want to learn Japanese!

I'd recommend the trilogy of "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynne Jones. I learned about it after Miyazaki's film, then I read the book, and it was an amazing experience ... if you like magic, this is something you'll enjoy. I'm about to start the 2nd book of the trilogy "Castle in the Air" and sometime later the 3rd part "A House of Many Ways". bye bye!

Carlos (Litos) from Guatemala

Azuka said...

It's the first time I post something on your blog. I am a french fan of your work and I am very glad you start singing again !

In France we also have many good fairy tales. :) You should try Charles Perrault, he is very famous here.

You can find some of his fairy tales on this website : http://www.angelfire.com/nb/classillus/images/perrault/perra.html