Chrismas present for you.

This is a present from my music producer.

SPOT 「APPARE/Stone(1 chorus ver)」

Have a good Christmas!


[RYOUGI] said...

Merry Christmas from Thailand.

I love this version of Stone, English lyrics is touching!

Nicole said...

It sounds great! Merry Christmas from the US

Lil said...

Thank you for posting this teaser! I'm looking forward to the new single and album!

I moved from Japan to America in September. I think all my CDs are lost in the mail. I'm so sad the mail people lost all my copies of your CDs! I have to buy them all again. ;_;

Yvonne Lee said...

Merry Christmas from Malaysia, although it's a bit late, anyway, thankyou for posting the teaser! Your english songs style is alot different than all the songs you sung before, is more like pop style than rock style, i'm looking froward for your new album!

ZakkenCiel said...

OMg I love it!
I hope you spend a really happy christmas, as I'm doing listening to your music! <3<3

I'm really looking forward for your next releases, you were my first japanese idol, so you're very special to me =D. I could say I've memorized all your songs =)

Evander said...

Hello Tsuki-san!
Happy New Year (a bit late...) from Brazil!
Why don't you do a Twitter for your oversea fans (specially, for those who don't understand japanese...)?

Mr.Crazy said...

I'm very excited about the new releases. 'CORE' single, 'English mini-album' and 'CHELSEA'.
But these new items are very difficult to buy outside of Japan!!!

jabez_c said...

Hello Tsuki from the US!! You are doing so well with your English, it inspires me to learn to speak Japanese :)
I've been a fan of yours since 2008. I watch your videos on youtube!
I love Stone!! I hope you come to the US to sing, I would love to see you perform!

Sammie from Texas

Alyssa said...

Sorry to post this in your blog comments, I couldn't figure out how to send you a message >_<;

I heard this morning about the earthquake and tsunami disaster! Please know that we are all praying for you and hoping you are safe, and your family as well. Wishing you love and support, I really really hope that you are okay!

el_xxalo said...

oh god i see the news and see the horrible earthquake in japan. tsuki i hope you and yours friends are fine i live in Chile and i undertand what it is, i love your music!! please anserw me i'm your fan for the other side of the world :) good luck!

el_xxalo said...

my name is gonzalo..