Hi, everyone!
Looooooong time nooooooo see.
How are you?
.....what's up?
……Do you remember me?

I was very busy until recently.
So I didn't have enough time to post this blog. Sorry.

Now, I have a information to you!

I'm going to release new CDs at the next new years day!

One of them, it's a new single.
And others, it's a new album that included my old songs translated in English. Maybe You will be able to buy them online shop. (ex. Amazon and etc. )

Wish I enjoy with you about my new works. I'm glad to hear your impressions about them.

I believe music without borders.


nijibug said...

Of course we remember - we missed you, and welcome back! ♥ I'm so excited for your new music.

Wahida Shukri said...

of course we still remember you!
so glad you've finally updated your blog :D
can't wait for your new single! >w<

wishing you all the best in everything you do~ :DDD

[RYOUGI] said...

I'm looking forward for the release!

Glad that you enjoy your works so we can be enjoy about it too.

John Aensland said...

Of course we remember you!!!
I'm one of your greatest fans in Mexico
Your music is so inspiring and awesome, I'll be waiting for your new cd and singles, hope to get them as soon as they are out
Glad to know that you're back, we really love you <3

KrayonZ or NibbleZ said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear some more music! I'm sure it'ss be great as always :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you're still alive! ;D

But much better to hear that you will release some new CDs! That will be a great start in the new year!

·········凯莉·········· said...

happy and excited when i know ur cd are cuming soon~~
hope u will stay happy ^^
can't wait for u music >_<~

Angelena Mathes said...

Oh I was hoping you would post again! We missed you!

I'm so excited that you have decided you will release more music. I'm looking forward to hearing the English versions of my favorite songs.

Good luck~