Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas!

How's going this Christmas?

In Japan, a lots of couple are going out today. I pray for a good of them.
Say the truth, many of lovey-dovey couple are lil bit annoying. lol
Today is glorious day, isn't it?
Since when is Christmas the lover's day in Japan?
That's odd!! lol

by the way,

I came back to announce to you my new myspace address.

You knew that I already had my profile on myspace.
But I didn't sign up for myspace as a musician at that day.
So that, I couldn't post my song on that profile.

Then I signed up again for myspace.

The former profile will be operate only as my painting atelier.
And new one will be operate as my music-related site.
So, their profile linked each other on their friend network.

Please visit my new profile!
You can do trial listening about my new album.

Click below



musouka-ningyou said...

Merry Christmas!

Here in America, Christmas is mostly for families to get together. I have a lot of family to see over the next few days! (It is even more hectic because today [12/23] is my birthday!) Hearing new versions of some of my favourite songs is one of the best birthday/Christmas gifts I could ask for.

I hope you have a great Christmas!

Harry Yazawa said...

here in Brazil (I don't know why, by the way) we celebrate christmas on its eve (12/24) with our families, friends or whoever we want and feel good to be with. In christmas day we do nothing! lol

that's weird to tell the truth!

I hope you can enjoy your christmas without getting too annoyed by the lovey-dovey couples! hehehehe

Merry Christmas Amano-san!

Prisci said...
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Prisci said...

Hi Tsuki-san! =D
Here in Italy,people are always waiting for Christmas to be together with the family,or to go shopping and walk around. You know,the classic Christmas (lol).
I wish I could buy some of your works,but I can't...that would be the best gift ever!Anyway,Merry Christmas Tsuki-san! ^__^

Lil said...

I think Christmas in Japan is like Valentine's Day in America. It is a holiday for couples. This is my first Christmas in America. I'm glad I don't have to work on Christmas anymore. :)