Rose and Pearl

Long time no see....

I release a new mini album next month.
You can buy it on line shop.

「薔薇と真珠」(Rose and Pearl)


M-1 薔薇のように(Like a Rose)
M-4 林檎の木(APPLE TREE)
M-7 真珠(Pearl)

Release date:9th Nov.

I think all of music has very private feeling for each author.
That's the way music is mean to be.

In particular,
Singer and Song writer are not allowed to break out the mold in Japan.
At least I think.

So that,
most of singer have to write songs for the sake of each images as ready-made.

But I don't want to write any artificial songs.
I want to give faces to my music.

The last original album "Licht(Light)" is my roots and natural posture of expression.
And "Rose and Peal" is my soul.

This album is very simple, and yet it has an organic my feels.

I will tell you about this album after its release.

see and listen below!

Cross-fade of "Rose and Pearl"


nijibug said...

Looking forward to it!

Harry Yazawa said...

I'm really anxious to listen to every song... I hope someday I reach my dream to make a music with you.

Rei said...

I enjoyed listening to the previews and I can't wait to hear the full versions .. some of them reminded me of the songs that made me start listening to u which are Chou and Koe, these 2 songs that made me enter Japanese music world ^^,

Yuu said...

I always knew you would post again!
As I said, we've been missing you.
Congratulations for the mini-album.
Personally, I think your songs are fairly transparent because they overflow with feelings.
Well, that's what I think, haha​​.
Your songs that overflow with feelings made ​​me learn to put my own thoughts in my lyrics. So, thank you !

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you posting!

I am excited for this release. Your Licht album means a lot to me personally. I am glad that you are able to express yourself fully through your music now. I hope that you can continue to put your soul into your music, and I hope that I can continue to get meaning out of it, as well.

I enjoyed the previews! This new album sounds good so far. I really like to wear both roses and pearls (I tend to look a bit like a princess [姫] at times!). So even the title appeals to me. I even like the taste of roses! Have you ever had rose tea? That is my favorite. <3

Pride said...

nice mini album, I loved it!. your voice is beautiful, you are beautiful...

you are my favorite singer tsukiko! :D