Handmade MV up!


Today is the date of release of "Rose and Pearl"
That's how we update on youtube a handmade MV about "Like a Rose"

"Like a Rose" is a song that forcuses on the reason why I chooses to sing.
So I wish, you can feel someone by this song, singing, sound and not my Japanese lyric.



Dear.Oversea's fans

You knew that I'm kepping my real birthday private.

So my fans give me the artifical birthday.
I made my major debut ten years ago to a day.
So that, 7th Nov. is my official birthday.

Then I thought, I wanted to give someone to my fans as a little my anniversarry gift.

I signed up twitter.

But I like write long sentences rather than tweet.
So that, my top priority of diary is this blog.
I'll tweet my curent fact(live & release info. etc.), my nuts interrogations, and so on.
I'll try tweet in English, some times. I promise.

Follow me〜!

Tsuki Amano twitter

You can find me on twitter for the next keyword "tsuki amano"



Now, I'm joining in a group "diorama_replica"

This group is formed on the 10th anniversary of OTOKURA RECORD established.
OTOKURA RECORD is my management office and recording label.

So, let me introduce the member of "diorama_replica"

Starting from the left, ME, hibiku and Haruka Togawa

hibiku(山村響/Hibiku Yamamura)

She is a singer and song writer, and activity working voice actress.
She provide the voice of "Rebuild of Evangelion" Mawaru-Penguindrum" iPhone's app "萌えガチャ" and so on.

Haruka Togawa(東川遥)

She is a singer song writer, too.
And in her activities, her top priority is writing lyric.
Perhaps, the character songs of "BLEACH(Japanese animation), "Fullmetal Alchemist" and so on.
She sang a song of the computer game of Playstations3 "Ar tonelico Quga:Knell of ar ciel",
the song title is "EXEC_Z".

And, me.

There's no need to explain my activities. haha

I feel fluttered share in activities with them.
Because we're stimulated to growth each other.

"山" equals "Mountain" of the last name of 山村響.
"川" equals "River" of the last name of 東川遥.
"天" equals "Sky" of my last name.
So, we are the earth, the ocean, and the sky. haha

Our motto is freedom.
We are not fixed member of it, we think.
So, maybe we are the group for a limited time only.
I like to have a lot of fun of its activities!

diorama_replica 1st mini album
"Peaceful Garden"

Release date:9th Nov.

Well, see and listen below!

diorama_replica "風花(Snow like a flower)-preview ver.-"

diorama_replica "Goodbye Melancholy -half size-"