Handmade MV up!


Today is the date of release of "Rose and Pearl"
That's how we update on youtube a handmade MV about "Like a Rose"

"Like a Rose" is a song that forcuses on the reason why I chooses to sing.
So I wish, you can feel someone by this song, singing, sound and not my Japanese lyric.


Grickel said...

A lovely song!

(When will you release the English-language album that was once planned?)

Anonymous said...

Tsuki! It's so awesome to have you back playing music again! :D Congrats on producing new work and Happy Birthday.

scpn516 said...

That's what I keep telling people who ask why I listen to songs in Japanese. It's about the emotions and feelings I get from them. Also, greetings from Canada!

yubiwa armadillo said...

aawwww nice song! ≧✯◡✯≦
You amused me since the first time I play Fatal Frame 2. Your songs inspired me so much especially Chō!!! Your voice is so soft and melodious~

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ love you amano!
I'm one of your malaysian fans!