Best wishes throughout the coming year!

I have hold many memories when I think back this year.

Disaster of the earthquake,
Separately from my peer,
Meet new some artists,
My 10th anniversary and its attendant activities.....and so on.

All of memories are important to me, at least.
I'm feed from them to my activities and works.

Thank you for meeting me, and choosing my music.
All I want to express what is in my heart with my own values as long as I can.

Wish everyone good luck for the coming year!


Yuu said...

Long time no see, hn!
It's good to know that you made some memories in this year. Even the goods and te bad ones.
I think that, you too, helped lots of people to make memories.
So, please, continue with your hard work! We'll support you until the end!
hope you can expand your worlds!
Good luck in this new year, Tsuki-san!

[RYOUGI] said...

Remember the disaster for everyone who lost thair beloved. As we survived we need to be strong and lived for years.

As we lived in the same world and there is too many disasters happend this year.
Don't know what will become of tomorrow.
But we will smile and face the next year right?

Wish your good wish back to you too!

Carmen said...

Happy New Year! Thank you for continuing to make music, you are one of my favorite artists and even thou we may not speak the same language the music translates for me and I understand. May this year be more wonderful and I wish you the best.

Your biggest fan from Las Vegas,NV

Carmen :)

Dan Tam said...

Happy new year, Tsuki-san ^_^
This is my first comment on your blog ('cause I'm shy :( ). I really, really love your music.
Wish all the best things to you!

A shy fan from Vietnam!

ELC said...

I can never forget the songs you sang for us long ago. Those memories are still important to me till today. Thank you Amano-san!

Keep on making new music! It's your calling.

Leo Santos said...

Hello Amano. I listen to their music very little time. And now I'm your fan.
Well you probably will not read this, in addition to the latest news from your blog is 2011. So not many expectations that Miss, or anyone else can read it.
So read on some sites that Miss just creates songs, and sings no more. I was very sad about that, because you sing very well.
I'm from Brazil, and I met through the music I'm playing Fatal Frame. Game in which you created theme songs. And I have not found more clues that you still sings.
Well, here I am saying that someone like Miss can not stop singing with that beautiful voice and that face so beautiful.
So with his work and with everything in her life, a big hug from Brazil.

Gabriel R. said...

Greetings from New York City!

On the topic of memories, I have to say that one of my favorites was the first time I heard your music. It was the song, Same. It was like the beginning of a beautiful relationship that has never let me down (the only time that has every happened!).

I just wanted to thank you for enriching my life so much.

If I'm ever in Japan I will come to see you perform. And if you are ever able, I would love to see you play in New York!

Best wishes for the future.